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Buyer’s Guide: Corner Sofas

Offering a fantastic way to maximise space in your home, as well as creating a roomy and relaxing go-to place, it’s easy to see why the corner sofa is becoming a more and more popular piece of furniture amongst homeowners. Whether it’s sitting snug in a corner or making a statement in the middle of a room, corner sofas work brilliantly for large families and homes that often play host to a lot of guests, but work equally well for those individuals among us who require maximum stretching space!

If you love the idea of a corner sofa but are not sure which style, size or fabric to choose then just keep on reading, because we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of advice and inspiration to help you find the perfect design for your space.

Izzy corner sofas

The Izzy medium right hand chaise in Olive pure cotton matt velvet, £2,440

  1. Measure your space

First thing’s first – you need to figure out how much space you have to work with in the area that you’d like your corner sofa to sit. This includes the length of the area (along both walls, if placing your sofa in the corner of a room) whilst taking into consideration space either side for tables or standing lamps; the depth of the space, taking into account any rugs or tables that will sit in front of the sofa; and also the height of the space, paying attention to any radiators or shelves affixed to the wall. Once you’ve worked out these measurements then you’re in a great position to begin the fun part and start gathering design inspiration… Mood boards at the ready!

Iggy corner sofas

The Iggy chaise in Squirrel cotton matt velvet, £2,440

2. Choose your size

Now it’s time to think about how many people you would like your corner sofa to accommodate and what size and shape would achieve this in your home. A great place to start is looking at the angles of your room and determining how the lines of different corner sofa styles will complement the space. For example, if you are looking for a design to perfectly fit into an alcove or sit flush against the corner of a room, then a classic corner unit could be just what you’re looking for. By contrast, if you want to add dimension to an open plan space by creating a defined zone with your sofa then you might want to consider a chaise, which is much less imposing yet still offers that all important extra seating space. Still not sure? Take a look at our most influential compositions below for some size inspiration…

Corner unit

With most of our designs available in small, medium and large sizes, the classic symmetrical corner unit has the capacity to act both as a statement piece in a large and luxurious space or as a clever space saving device in a smaller room.

Creating a neat and seamless look, this design works perfectly on its own and often only needs a simple rug and coffee table to make the space feel complete.

Aissa corner sofas

Aissa medium corner sofa in Lagoon brushed linen cotton, £2,900


If you want a design that offers that extra stretching out space without the large footprint, then a chaise style corner sofa could be just what you’re looking for. Available in left hand and right hand designs, chaises are irresistible when wanting to lay out with a good book – and if you ever feel generous enough to share, this neat little sofa offers plenty of seating space. Due to its compact design, chaises work beautifully when styled with a footstool or accent armchair in a larger space, but look equally as stylish standing on its own as well!

Snowdrop corner sofas

The Snowdrop right hand chaise in Cookie house linen cotton, £1,870


If you have an awkward corner to fill, an irregular shaped room, or are looking for something extra-special, then our modular sofa system will come as music to your ears. Compiled of separate units, a large proportion of our corner sofas offer the opportunity for you to put together a unique design, tailored to your requirements. Whether you choose to have a left hand loveseat with a right hand two and a half seat, or a single unit with a two seat to create an asymmetrical corner, there is a broad variety of combinations available for you to create the perfect corner sofa… Genius!

Whitby corner sofas

The Whitby asymmetrical corner sofa in Blush pure Belgian linen, £2,270

To find out which of our sofa styles are available as a modular system, call our sales team on 0345 400 2222.

3. Pick your style

Whether your home is a contemporary space or you prefer more classical styling, the perfect corner sofa should infuse your own unique style and, ultimately, enhance the feel of a room. Clean, simple lines and smart, turned out legs work beautifully in modern interiors, with this elegant silhouette offering a sleek and sophisticated design that acts as the perfect complement to minimal spaces. By contrast, traditional interiors are the ideal setting for designs that are upholstered to the floor – offering a more relaxed and comfortable look that sits right at home in shabby chic and rustic spaces.

Holly corner sofas

The small Holly corner sofa in Prussian Blue cotton matt velvet, £2,890

Tip: designs that sit on tall legs are great for creating the illusion of more space.

Whitby_sofabed_Canvas smaller

The Whitby 2 seat sofa bed & single seat corner sofa in Canvas pure Belgian linen, £2520

Tip: the majority of sofa.com corner sofas upholstered to the floor feature loose, removable covers that are easy to wash or replace – perfect if you have little ones or pets!

4. Have fun with fabrics

Now you have decided on the size and style of your corner sofa, it is time to find a beautiful fabric that will finish your design off perfectly. As a key piece of furniture that will constantly have family and friends sat in, laid across and curled up on, your corner sofa will be crying out for a fabric that will wear well over time. With over 160 sofa.com fabrics to choose from - all of which have a result of more than 20,000 rubs in the Martindale rub test (meaning they’re perfect for general domestic use) - you will be spoilt for choice with our range. From pure linen and soft wool, to sumptuous velvet and vintage leather, the fabric you choose will have a huge impact to the feel of your space. Dare to go bold with a jewel-toned pure cotton matt velvet for a real show-stopper or opt for a brushed linen cotton in a neutral shade for a classic piece that will stand the test of time.

Bluebell corner sofas

The Bluebell asymmetrical corner sofa (with left hand double and right hand loveseat) in Willow soft wool £3,170

Tip: You can order a free sofa.com sample pack that you can customise to include swatches of your favourite fabrics and product info cards of your favourite styles.

5. Accentuate with accessories

The final stage is the fun part – you can now think about accessorising your corner sofa and how you are going to layer the look. Scatter cushions, throws, footstools, side tables and rugs should all work together to make a space feel complete. If you’ve gone for a neutral coloured sofa, then why not introduce a pop of colour through your accessories to really let your personality shine through? (Get some inspiration from our Long Island sofa below!) Alternatively, if you’ve gone for a bolder hue for your corner sofa, then think about bringing in various shades of that colour to really add some depth to the space.

Sofa.com LongIsland _3985

The Long Island sofa set

Choosing the perfect corner sofa for your home shouldn’t be an arduous task but one to embrace and get creative with. Because they take up a good amount of space, you can therefore create a whole new look around it… Happy styling!

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