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How to style an L-shape sofa

Whether you want to create a cosy corner or zone a living space into defined functional areas, an L-shaped sofa, otherwise known as a chaise, is a sofa boasting laidback lounging with a capital L. Offering endless possibilities, its the perfect choice whatever the size of the room or gathering.

Nothing ever seems too much for this powerhouse of a sofa, which has become one of the most popular choices for those looking for ample, sociable seating with plenty of flexibility, comfort and style.

But your first thoughts might be, what exactly is one, where should you place it in a room, and how do you assemble an L-shaped sofa to get the most from what it has to offer? The good news is that it’s easy as ABC.

What are L-Shaped Sofas?

As the name clearly suggests, these sofas are designed in the shape of a capital letter ‘L’.

Originally designed during Victorian times, the first L-shaped sofas were typically made from wood with intricately carved, ornate details.

Over the years, these sofas have evolved into a wide array of designs – from traditional to contemporary harnessing all shapes, sizes and fabrics.

Since the 1950s, when sectional sofas started appearing on the scene, the L-shaped sofa has come into its own of late, seeing a meteoric rise in popularity. A sectional sofa comprises at least two adjoining sections that can connect with a simple click mechanism – and taken apart.

Designed to provide ample, stylish seating with a high degree of flexibility, L-shaped sofas come in various configurations with the ‘L’ either on the left or right-hand side depending on which side of a room you want to place it.

They can have an armrest at both ends, an arm on one section with a classic-style chaise on the opposite end, no arms at either end for ultimate slouching… the options are plentiful.

Also known as a corner sofa due to its ability to fit neatly and snugly into a nook, this right-angled hero can be arranged to suit individual needs and provides seating for small or large gatherings of half a dozen or more.

Ways to Arrange an L-Shaped Sofa

Whatever the type, style and layout of your home and the size of your rooms – traditional or contemporary, big or small – there’s an L-shaped sofa for it.

For modern living spaces, the L-shaped sofa has become one of the go-to pieces of furniture, particularly due to the rise in popularity of open plan living, taken over in more recent times by broken plan living.

  • Broken plan living offers all the benefits of open plan living, but with distinct zones offering more privacy and greater functionality. 
  • An L-shaped sofa can be used to cleverly style, demarcate and break up individual areas, like a work-from-home office, dining zone, or play den.

In a more traditional layout or smaller living space, making use of a corner is one of the most popular and conventional ways of arranging an L-shaped sofa.

  • Place an L-shaped sofa in a corner and it avoids wasting dead space or eating into the rest of the room any more than necessary.
  • It also frees up the immediate area around it for furniture like a stylish coffee table or ottoman to create a warm, inviting and functional retreat tucked away from the rest of the world. 
  • Add an armchair or loveseat on the opposite side and you instantly have an intimate, sociable circle.
  • Nestled against a window wall, either in a corner or with one arm of the L-shaped sofa serving to divide a space or form a boundary next to a doorway, imagine soaking up the sunrays while reading a book or enjoying a cuppa. 

In a larger living space, you can make a real style statement by placing an L-shaped sofa right in the middle that will create a focal point, make an ample room feel cosier and bring a heightened sense of togetherness.

This is a perfect arrangement if you love to entertain guests or spend time with all the family at once, as it will make everyone feel like they’re at the heart of the home and the centre of everything.

How to Arrange Cushions on an L-Shaped Sofa

Don’t forget to give thought about how to arrange cushions on an L-shaped sofa. 

A good rule of thumb is to create a strong base and fill the corner first, which the eye is always drawn to, layering in size with the largest cushion at the back.

A smaller L-shaped sofa will usually happily welcome up to four to six cushions, while a large corner sofa can take as many as 10. Drape a throw or two for casual chicness.

Why Choose an L-Shaped Sofa

With an L-shaped sofa, the world’s your oyster.

It will maximise your space, making a room work as hard as it can to provide as much seating as possible while providing a super-stylish aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye.

Want comfort? It doesn’t get better than an L-shaped sofa. With high backs, sumptuous cushions, padded arms, room to stretch out – and even reclining and footrest options to add into the mix – your sofa experience will be sheer indulgence and bliss.

Whether it’s movie night with the kids or a cocktail evening chatting with friends, an L-shaped sofa will be the host with the most. Friendly and sociable, this sofa knows everything there is to know about how to entertain in style.

Versatile, flexible and stylish, no job is too much for this smooth, handsome operator, always at the ready to please and impress.

As we increasingly look to add individual personality to our homes with customisable solutions that aim to make the day-to-day easier all-round, L-shaped sofas are here to stay.

A trusty, multi-tasking companion for the long-haul that never disappoints whatever life’s challenges, remember this sofa supremo is like the perfect partner:

  • Versatile – whatever the occasion, it will be a gracious and willing host
  • Flexible – it’s happy to adapt and change plans as needs arise
  • Ample – however many people, it will be just as accommodating
  • Comfortable – robust and snug, it was made for chilling out with
  • Stylish – classic or contemporary, it’s good looking and visually pleasing
  • Sociable – this sofa oozes charisma and loves your family and friends as much as you

So, if it sounds like an L-shaped sofa could be the partner for you, you’ll be spoilt for choice at with countless design options, fabrics and finishes available, handcrafted by our experts. 

For inspiration on how to choose your dream sofa, check out our corner sofa buying guide.

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