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How to Style a Blue Sofa

Our popular Bluebell sofa in Scuba styled with pink scatter cushions and mural by Phillip Jefferies.

From deep oceanic tones to morning sky hues, a blue sofa will make a statement in any home. You may be wondering though… just how exactly do you style it?

There’s plenty to consider when choosing a new bespoke sofa or giving an old favourite a refresh. 

Get it right and you have a showstopper that everyone will want to sit on. Fail to give a sofa the attention it deserves, and you may be left feeling, well, a bit blue.

Colour Drenching: Our Holly sofa in Deep Turquoise surrounded by walls and accessories of the same hue

Choosing the Right Shape

Sofas are typically the heart of a room, where family and friends gather for quality time; and therefore, it’s an important decision!

Aside from the design, size, shape and shade of the sofa itself, you may question where it will go, how it will be used, and the existing colour scheme of the room.

The necessary function of the sofa may play into whether its a chaise, corner, modular or sofa bed while your existing interior may determine whether it’s classic & curved, or contemporary & angular? Consider your lifestyle too: Do you often host large groups and does the fabric have to be particularly hard-wearing for children and pets?

Costello chaise sofa in Hidden Cove paired with matching footstool

Stylish Colour Schemes for a Blue Sofa

A classic colour, blue has graced homes for centuries, from dark heritage hues to contemporary smoky blue-greys. So in case your questioning the longevity of a coloured sofa… blue is certainly timeless. Not to mention, experts predict it will dominate interiors in 2024!

Often associated with serenity and nature, blue is a neutral hue known for its calming effect on emotions. Think turquoise sea waves or woodland bluebells; it’s no wonder blue is regarded by many as the Shangri-La of shades.

Colours for Decorating Navy Sofas

Smart and sophisticated navy will look incredible with bold punches of red, pink, orange, green or yellow, as well as gentler hues such as dusky pink and soft apricot, along with relaxing neutrals like beige, grey and cream.

As in the ocean, shades of blue work beautifully together so teal, cornflower and sky blues will add layers of visual interest to a navy sofa.

Matching Colours for Duck Egg Blue Sofa

Combine a sofa draped in duck egg blue with warm neutrals like beige, grey and off white or dainty pastels.

Turquoise or delicate greens also work particularly well with this shade, as does a deeper hue of blue for a fresh coastal vibe. You’ll want to dive in.

Bluebell corner sofa in and Valentin footstool in Prussian Blue styled with a selection of scatter cushions, a Tom Dixon lamp and Art from Degree Art

What Cushions Go with a Blue Sofa: Tips and Ideas

The right scatter cushions will enhance the look and feel of any sofa, adding depth, dimension, colour, shape, texture and extra comfort, but how do you accessorise a blue sofa?

For a modern, minimalist look, go to town with one colour like an elegant grey using a plain monochrome cushion arrangement.

Block colouring – pairing shades that are colour wheel opposites like blue and orange or yellow and purple, or a combination – is another option.  

Mix-and-match patterns, like bold stripes placed next to whimsical florals, will give bags of character to a blue sofa.

Choosing Throw Pillows for Your Blue Sofa

Decorative throw pillows will add an extra layer of colour, texture, comfort and personality to a sofa.

From square linen shams to round beauties harnessing exquisite velvet or chenille, these carefree wonders will take your sofa style up a notch and bring the room together when scattered around.

Tassels and piped edges can jazz up an otherwise reserved sofa in an instant or max out a maximalist design. 

Cushion Colour Ideas for Dark Blue Sofas

A dark blue sofa adds drama and glamour to any room.

You can let it set the tone and complement with a neutral palette of cushions or you can go for a bright colour contrast that ensures your sofa is the centre of attention.

Hues that hit the spot somewhere in the middle like an inviting soft pink will also provide a winning combination. 

Patrick Unbuttoned (online only) in Bahama complimented by shades of pink walls & accessories

How to Style a Blue Sofa: Tips and Tricks

In summary, here are the key things to consider when finding the perfect blue sofa for you!

  • Think about how the sofa will be used
  • Blue is an umbrella colour that offers countless shades to explore
  • As a versatile colour, there are myriad of schemes that compliment
  • Look to showcase your chosen blue with a selection of scatter cushions and other accessories
  • Explore textures that will suit the vibe of your room
  • Themes to consider: Colour Drenching & Dopamine Décor

View some our favourite blue designs below or discover our full range of blue sofas here and find the one for you!