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How to make your guests feel at home

So often a guest bedroom becomes the place where we put the furniture that we don’t quite know what to do with. But show as much love to your guest room as you do to your own bedroom, and you’ll find that half the work is already done when a guest comes to stay.

Creating a beautiful and relaxing guest bedroom will ensure that every visitor you welcome gets the five-star treatment. If you're wanting yo update your space, take a read of our guide for a few handy tips on where to start.

  1. The Guest Bed

The first thing to think about when furnishing a guest bedroom is the centrepiece of the space, the guest bed.

With so many different designs to choose from it's always a wise idea to opt for something that suits your personal style. Choose a bed that fits in with the look and feel of your home as it will make it that much easier to create a space that you love.

If there's a traditional element to your home, consider a tufted headboard that adds an instant look of luxury to a bedroom. Tufted beds are becoming increasingly popular and variations on the classic design give you the choice to go all out or opt for something more understated.

The Knightsbridge bed

With its tall, scrolled headboard and deep tufting, our Knightsbridge bed will give your guest bedroom that ultra-luxe feel. Upholstered below in our Satchel vintage leather, the Knightsbridge's luxurious design looks equally fantastic when upholstered in other materials such as linens and velvets. It also has the option of a tufted footboard to match its headboard or can instead come with a simple rounded-corner base.

Knightsbridge guest bed

Knightsbridge close up guest bedroom

Knightsbridge close up guest bedroom

The Knightsbridge double bed in Satchel vintage leather, £2,690

The Grosvenor

An alternative option is the slightly more contemporary take on a tufted design, the Grosvenor. Somewhere between a tuft and a shallow button, the deep groove detailing creates a glamorous cube design which  can transform a guests' bedroom into their own personal boutique hotel room.

 Grosvenor guest bedroom

Grosvenor close up guest bedroom

The Grosvenor double bed in Cobble brushed linen cotton, £1,390

The Valetta

If your home has a more modern and minimal aesthetic, why not go for a fuss-free design that won't ever go out of style - a simple yet sophisticated headboard will easily fit into a more modern scheme. Our laid-back Valetta bed has a loose cover design, meaning you can update the fabric with the seasons or give it a dry clean when needed, making it perfect for a guest bedroom.

Valetta guest bedroom

Valetta close up guest bedroom

The Valetta storage bed in Liquorice pure Belgian linen, £1,290

The Madeleine

Equally, our Madeleine bed's simple design fits with both traditional and contemporary spaces. Its high, scrolled headboard is perfect for anyone looking to make a grand style statement in their guest bedroom. It is supported by simple, straight legs which highlight the elegant curves of this luxurious bed. Madeleine looks particularly great in velvets, creating a sumptuous and stylish place to relax, as well as chenilles and soft wools

Madeleine guest bedroom

Madeliene close up guest bedroom

The Madeleine bed in Silver Birch vintage chenille, £1,150

2. The bedroom chair

Once you've settled on your bed, you can turn your attention to other items around the room.

An over-sized, super-comfy armchair in luxurious velvet conjures up the idea of a boutique hotel to a T – whether it’s somewhere to throw your clothes at night or simply a place to sit down after a day out.

It's also a great way to inject some colour and personality into the space, especially if you've opted to upholster your bed in a more neutral colour.

The Claude chair

Our Claude chair sits very pretty at the end of this Valentin bed and offsets the grey tones around the room beautifully.

Claude guest bedroom chair

The Claude chair in Sunshine cotton matt velvet, £660

A bedroom chair shouldn't divert your attention away from the focal point of the bed, but instead help to tie the scheme together.

The Betty chair

Here our scandi-inspired wooden Hendrik bed still remains the centrepiece of the room whilst our Betty armchair in Deep Turquoise cotton matt velvet matches the scatter cushions and blue tones in the picture to bring some coherence to the space.

Hendrik guest bedroom

The Hendrik wooden bed, £640 , and the Betty armchair in Deep Turquoise cotton matt velvet, £480

3. The functional sofa bed

Sofa beds are first and foremost intended to be practical, offering dual functionality as a sofa and bed in one. Perfect for Christmas time when you can expect house guests over in their dozens, a sofa bed is a great space-saver that won't fall short in the style stakes.

Gone are the days of complicated and clunky machinery and uncomfortable mattresses. All of our sofa beds are handcrafted by our very own craftsmen to ensure a comfortable night's sleep for your guests, and a comfortable place for you to sit during the day.

The Aissa sofa bed

Our Aissa sofa bed has plump seat cushions and slim arms, giving it an undeniably inviting look, especially when upholstered in a bright and bold fabric.

Aissa sofa bed guest bedroom

The Aissa sofa bed in Bahama brushed linen cotton, £1,600

The Stella sofa bed

For a slightly more contemporary option, take a look at our Stella sofa bed that has chunkier arms but equally comfy cushions.

Stella sofa guest bedroom

The Stella two and a half seat sofa bed in Canvas pure Belgian linen, £1,755

4. The ingenious space saver

We recently introduced two bed in a box designs, Hetty and Henry, as a great way to tackle smaller areas.

By day, our bed in a box can simply act as an extra seat for visiting guests. By night it can be transformed into a generously sized single bed turning any room into the occasional guest bedroom whenever needed.

Use it in child’s bedroom for the occasional sleepover or in a study where a full size sofa bed may not quite fit. The lid lifts and slots in to the base to serve as a stylish headboard making your guests feel right at home.


1445 12aR

The Henry bed in a box in Teal pure Belgian linen, £760

If you have any questions about any of products, don't hesitate get in touch with one of our experts on 0345 400 2222 or via email at contact@sofa.com.

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