Interior Trends

Style your sanctuary with 2023 interior trends

Our homes are a place of comfort where our wellbeing lies at the heart. The 2023 Spring Summer interior trends are truly reflective of this, with soft voluptuous silhouettes and listening spaces perfect for quiet time to ourselves. Unlike flash fashion trends, and that slightly outlandish coat sitting unworn in your wardrobe, interior trends should have an air of timelessness, as for the most part you’ll be surrounded by it everyday for many seasons to come.

Having said this, as we journey through trends new aspects peak. While earthy tones has been a trend for some years, this season sees the emergence of deeper sunset and terracotta hues. Similarly, in a progression from being surrounded by neutrals, we see colour drenching which uses colour thoughtfully to maintain the feeling of control and sophistication through coordination. If you’re in the market for a refreshed interior then dive in and be inspired by our favourite Spring Summer trends.

Sculptural minimalism in our new Seattle armchair

Soft silhouettes

Over the past few years, our interiors have reflected spa-like sanctuaries; a form of escapism from the chaos of life that promote our wellbeing. 2023 is being swept up in the wave of luxurious curves and free flowing shapes, summarised by the buzzword ‘comfortcore’. With laid back, casual comfort now at the heart of our home, we’re minimising cutting angles and leaning into caressing curves and softer silhouettes.

Some interior designers have predicted a comeback of brutalism, a trend characterised by raw materials, particularly concrete, and sharp lines; however, even still we are seeing this broken up with warmer, softer and cocooning features woven in. The combination of the these two trends moves away from the more juvenile squiggles seen in 2022 and elevates it into a more elegant and refined use of curves.

Our new Iggy High Back sofa for support with style

Colour on colour

After an age of greige, earth tones have been a constant throughout the past few years; yet this year brings increasing use of terracotta and sunset tones as opposed to the greens we have seen previously. These warm, caramel tones all push towards creating a space rich in cosiness by using earthy hues in a new way.

With the downfall of an all white abode comes the dawning of colour on colour. If you enjoy bold interiors then colour drenching may be for you, creating a one colour aesthetic across your entire room matching your walls with the fabric of your sofa. Understandably, this may feel slightly intimidating and so instead take inspiration from the trend by picking out accessories, throws and cushions that match your sofa. By coordinating your colour across your room, it can remain sophisticated and sleek with the reins of creativity firmly within your boundary.

A pop of pattern with our brand new Desert Pyramid Textured Weave, as shown on our Chester armchair

70s are calling

Trends repeatedly peak over time and our love for 70s fashion is no exception, coming in ebbs and flows over the years… and the time has arrived for it to swing into style again. This year focus on putting the you into your home, with a pop of personality and an interior that truly reflects what you love that’ll bring joy to be immersed in everyday. Bringing a nostalgic, fun energy this trend proposes an eclectic mix of textures with plush velvet and geometric patterns.

Burnt oranges, avocado green, arches and geometric pattern are just a few traits that characterise the vast variety of 70s trends. While certain elements may bring flashbacks of your grandmother’s house, selecting the styles that you like and infusing them into your home with earthy tones will give you a 70s flair without throwing you into a time machine.

Fresh new fabrics to our Spring/Summer collection

Sustainable style

Sustainability as a ‘trend’ is oxymoronic, as a greener future should never be out of fashion. Yet as we become more conscious buyers, more people are making better choices with their purchases and making small changes that create big impacts. Here at, our handcrafted frames are built to last with a lifetime guarantee to reduce waste by constantly improving our quality.

Our new Impressionist Tweed fabric is created with 20% recycled cotton, adding to our Vermeer Linen, Plush Tweed Boucle and Slubby Cotton fabric ranges that are all made from recycled or sustainable types of fibre. What’s more is all of our fabrics from our Spring Summer 2023 collection were created in European mills who implement sustainable practices. Discover the collection today.