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Storage solutions for a serene interior

Our Sorrento five drawer chest is the perfect bedroom accompaniment

We all dream of an orderly oasis, with minimalist surfaces embodying a sense of calm. A cleansed space is a form of self care… and as the saying goes, tidy space, tidy mind. It may seem like an old wives tale, but being organised can have a direct impact on our mental health, and our brains ability to focus; the more we can focus, the more productive we can be, and in turn reduce stress by ticking off everything on our to-do list, leaving us with more spare time to do things we actually enjoy! Similarly, an uncluttered bedroom can allow our mind to entirely delve into the depths of relaxation to enjoy better quality sleep, allowing us to recharge and keep our mind happy. Makes sense right?

Decluttering can often be overwhelming, so a great place to start may be the KonMari method, developed by organisation guru Marie Kondo who has collectively sold millions of books regarding the topic worldwide. Her method entails gathering your belongings, one category at a time and only keeping items that ‘spark joy’. Once you’ve achieved this, the next step is selecting clever storage solutions to maintain your aesthetic and keep things out of sight and out of mind. We’ve selected some of our favourite sleek storage solutions that will keep your abode fresh.

Living room storage ideas

The heart of our home can often collect a multitude of bits and bobs over the years, from cushions and throws to children’s toys and a build up of favourite magazines. Unfortunately, the belongings we need don’t always fit into our aesthetic look, so multi-functional furniture that doubles as storage to stow items away is key to maintaining your interior style.

If you need storage for a small room, or would like to opt for a cache without additional furniture then a storage chaise, like our Aissa, may be exactly what you’re looking for. Alternatively, our Harry modular sofa makes the perfect accompaniment for any playroom. Create a restful reading area or use them as an accessory in imaginative games; then once playtime is over, all the toys can be neatly tidied away in the storage compartment.

For possessions that you’d like quick access to like magazines, books, spare candles or throws, a footstool or side table with a hidden compartment may be for you. Sleek and multifunctional, these are perfect for keeping clutter-free.

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Bedroom storage ideas

Is your wardrobe looking a little too tight? The perfect space saving solution for excess clothes, shoes and spare bedding is an ottoman. With no more additional room needed than the space your bed takes up, this is a great option for those with small bedrooms. In a similar concept, a divan base with drawers is an alternative option. You may need to consider the space around the bed for opening, however, if you’d like regular access then this drawers may be considered easier than lifting up an ottoman. Differently, if you are already happy with your sleep haven, then an added storage bench can not only provide a place for you to perch but also can create a cache at the end of your bed, bay window or wherever suits your space.

More traditionally, you may be looking for a bedside table or a chest of drawers to offer you space for day-to-day clothing and knick-knacks. Our Sorrento 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers offer ample additional space and lift up top with a mirror in the lid. This piece is packed with bundles of style, with a customisable fabric strip to match to your bedroom aesthetic making it the ideal multifunctional staple.

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Home Office storage ideas

A tidy space means a tidy mind… and where more important to apply this than your home office? With more of us working from home than ever, a quality desk with storage space for files, pens and books is essential. The streamline angles, neat storage shelves and a cupboard make our Hans Desk an elegant alternative to traditional bulky office furniture to elevate your space. Alternatively, if you have a smaller space then our Dickens Desk has a lightweight frame to maintain an open look to your interior while still featuring a large drawer for all your work needs.

If space isn’t a concern, then a sideboard unit offers further storage area for more bulkier items. Instead, if you’d like to display books, trinkets, files, or even a few plants to add a fresh element to your work environment then a bookcase like our Allegra Bookcase will ooze finesse and flair.

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