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How to introduce blue in your home

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There is no doubt that earth tones have the monopoly in the interior world and for many seasons green has ruled the roost with its calming and reenergising qualities. The popularity of blue has always been in the background, but is 2023 the year that it finally overtakes? Promoting peace, tranquility and relaxation, like the oozing waves of the sea or a sweet field of cornflowers, blue certainly has the potential to style our sanctuary.

In our homes, blue has been the front runner in moody interiors, panelled walls, plush velvets with a range of shades emerging from coastal hues to rich tones. If you’re looking for a new colour to be inspired by, then we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite blue interiors…

Holly sofa in Cruise styled by @our.homeatno50

Colour drenching

Plain beige, griege, white and grey interiors have been on the way out for some time, with rainbow homes becoming increasingly popular with the trend of dopamine décor emerging last year. However, bright and bold is not for everyone and so 2023 has brought us the gift of colour on colour: a more controlled way to introduce colour into your interior to elevate a room while still maintaining a feeling of order and sophistication.

Dark and moody has been a trend for some years, and it is not showing any sign of loosing momentum particularly when combined with the rise of colour drenching. Rich navy tones are dominating when executing this look, offering a more palatable option than black so that if you decide to switch up your style then it still works with a range of tones. When styling a navy room ensure to opt for accents like golds, creams and wood to maintain the warmth in the room for optimal cosiness. If you’re looking for a soothing scheme for your listening room, or an interior that’ll help you reach new depths of relaxation then you may have found the one.

Teddy Sofa in Linwood custom fabric styled by @siobhanhaylesinteriors

Coastal vibes

Inky interiors aren’t for everyone. Particularly for those with more compact spaces, depth of colour can feel a lot more intimidating. Neoclassism is in, defining itself with floods of light, classic furnishings and comfort which lighter shades of blue lend itself very well to – brightening up rooms and allowing them to appear more spacious.

To avoid appearing too light and airy, detailed accessories can be added like ornamental lamps, bookshelves, patterned cushions or intricate curtains to give some depth to the room. As these airy hues are inspired by our scintillating coast, using textures with a more natural look such as linens, jute, and white washed woods is perfect for bringing your outside environment in. If this look is for you then check out our new Spring Summer 2023 fabrics Santorini Easy Care Velvet, Coastal Herringbone Weave and Coastal House Basket Weave.

Bluebell Sofa in Armour styled by @beetrootandblack

Blue and Green

Whether blue is to overtake green on the colour charts is still up for debate, but in our view…why does it have to be a competition when you can have the best of both worlds! Both colours promote calmness and a sense of safe tranquillity, so what better than to mix the two earth tones together?

What’s more, this scheme is adaptable whether you wish to opt for blue on your walls or to cover your plush furniture. Colour balance in your interiors is essential, especially if trying to create a space reserved for relaxation. One of the tricks here is to keep one of the colours more muted such as a light avocado green or duck egg blue, while the other you can go bold with and really make a statement. Artwork, patterned cushions and rugs with flecks of blue and green tones are then a great finishing touch to help tie the scheme together and create a calm and cohesive space.