Interior Trends

Enrich your Oasis: AW ’23 interiors

Cosy evenings lie ahead, and if you’re living in Britain, we may have to say goodbye to the sunshine sooner than we may like; however, the comforting prospect of snug Autumn nights in, is undeniable.

Interior trends come in ebs and flows and as we look to live more sustainably, we are leaning into timeless quality designs that are be influenced by current styles but are ultimately timeless. ‘Comfortcore’ remains at large in our homes (when would comfort ever be out of style), creating spaces that put laidback lounging at the heart where we can truly retreat into relaxation. Delve into the trends we’ve infused to our new AW’23 collection and how you can weave them into your home.

Soft Scandi

Cool, casual and comfy. Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity, functionality, minimalism and cosiness to cultivate a timeless, serene space. Voluptuous cloud-like sofas, particularly in neutral shades are in vogue, making comfort top priority in our homes. With laidback lounging written all over them, they’re perfect for wholesome movie nights with all your loved ones. While our Anders may look familiar, it has been refined to reach new levels of ease. Indulge in feather filled cushions and padded arms that lets comfort do the talking.

Artful Silhouettes

While maximalism cooks up a storm in some interiors and minimalism flows through others; there’s a sweet spot in between with playful shapes that still have a timeless vibe. Softer forms have risen in popularity in the last few years, bringing caressing curves that create a warm and welcoming vibe. Evolving from amorphous ‘blobby’ shapes the trend has been elevated to sculpted silhouettes that still radiate comfort with artful style. Our Boston is perfect for this classic look, combining 70s flair and contemporary form.

Earthy Textures

Raw materials blended with contemporary style equals a grounded interior. From wooden features to sofas shrouded in linen, bringing nature into the home is the perfect way to mirror the peace of nature. An added silver lining of using natural materials and textures is their sustainable qualities. Not only does it create a relaxing environment but are durable, renewable and biodegradable making them inherently sustainable. Our beautiful Costello Chaise rests on a wooden plinth and is featured in our new Driftwood Easy Cotton made from 100% Cotton for ultra sumptuous seating.

Moody Neutrals

Whether its, greys, beiges, whites or creams, neutral colours are always a staple when it comes to interiors. Redecorating can be costly, so sticking with timeless colour palettes have always been the key to a classic space. This season is no different, yet instead of washed out neutrals, richer shades are infiltrating our homes in the form of sage, mocha and terracotta. These deeper earthy tones add more colour to your interior while still maintaining their classic status. Plus, in the same way as natural texture, they have the same relaxing qualities perfect to enrich your oasis!