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6 Tips and Tricks to Refresh Your Home This Spring

With spring just around the corner, we can’t wait for longer days, brighter sunshine and a new lease of life that often comes hand in hand with springtime. This new wave of optimism has got us inspired to refresh our homes, so we’ve put together our easy home decor ideas and decorating tips to help bring that new lease of life into your home this season, and transform any room into a stunning haven.

Spring hues

Spring has long been associated with fresh new colours, whether that’s using yellows to replicate that feeling of warmth and sunshine, or light blues, pastel pinks and fresh greens, inspired by nature and the new life that’s starting to appear. Embrace these colours and bring spring into your home!

Introducing new colours into your home for the new season doesn’t have to be expensive or permanent. Consider swapping your scatter cushion covers for pastel tones, floral prints or lighter textures, and tuck the more wintery hues away until you’re ready to hibernate again! Similarly, bring the colours of spring into your home by swapping your thick woollen throws for lighter linens, keeping you cosy but ready for warmer evenings.

Our Bluebell sofa creates the perfect backdrop for our scatter cushions in Prussian BlueSageOrchid and Deep Turquoise

New growth

As spring is the season full of nature and new life, it wouldn’t be right to talk about refreshing your interiors this season without highlighting the importance of plants and flowers in the home. Bring your home to life with a vase of freshly cut flowers (daffodils are the perfect symbol of springtime), or surround yourself in greenery with a variety of houseplants. Open faced shelving units create the perfect opportunity to display a variety of houseplants and flowers in your home, allowing you to create your very own beautiful biophillic display. Their green vibrancy and pops of colour are a quick and easy way of not only putting a smile on your face, but also have a positive impact on your wellbeing! From reducing stress levels to purifying the air, the benefits of houseplants are endless.

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Our Betty armchair in Olive looks stunning surrounded by greenery

Time to reflect

As spring begins and the days become longer, we find daylight streaming into our homes more regularly – is there anything better than rays of sunshine brightening up the room? To maximise the effect of this extra sunlight, hang mirrors around your home. The mirrors reflect sunlight to ensure it reaches more of the room space, which not only brightens up the space, creating a much more positive environment to live in, but also often makes the room feel much bigger and more open.

If you’re looking to decorate a wall space, but want something a little different to artwork and wall hangings, mirrors are another great option. From creating a gallery wall full of mirrors to hanging a full length statement mirror on the wall, they are a great alternative for a wall hanging, and create a new focal point for the space.

Our Melville wall mirrors combine style and practicality to brighten up the room

Illuminate your space

Although the number of hours of sunlight is set to increase from now onwards, rooms can still sometimes feel a little dark and gloomy. Brighten up your home by switching up your lighting game – make a style statement with new pendant lights, or swap your standard ceiling light for a chandelier and let the light in! Mix and match lighting at different levels, from tall floor lamps in corners, to simple side lamps on side tables and shelving. By introducing new lighting elements to your home, you’ll be able to create the desired finish in each room, whether that’s a cosy snug or a bright and airy open-plan kitchen.

The simple addition of our Richie floor lamp next to our Louis armchair makes all the difference

Display your style

Accent tables are a quick and easy way to completely transform the look and feel of a room. Not only do they provide the perfect place to rest your morning cup of tea, or evening tipple, but accent tables also create a number of styling opportunities! Use side tables and coffee tables to decorate the home, by placing things you love on display – from home magazines, to vases of different shapes and sizes, and any other trinkets that make your heart happy. Not only do these items add interest to the room, filling it with character, but they are also quick and easy to change around as the seasons change. Move from winter to spring by swapping dark vases and dried flowers for freshly picked bunches and diffusers, and opt for coasters and trays in lighter, more neutral hues.

If space is at a premium, consider a nest of tables – these tuck tightly together when not in use to act as a single side table, but can be separated when desired to provide extra surfaces for guests to rest their hot drinks, or to display a fresh bunch of flowers. Another alternative for small spaces is to consider a storage drum or storage footstool – these can double up as coffee tables, but also allow you to hide any clutter or seasonal items when not needed.

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Add a touch of glamour with our Bardot table

Reimagine your room

Open-planned living has become the norm in many homes across the UK, and this style of living has granted the opportunity for increased flexibility around how a space is used. One of the easiest ways to switch up a space, or create zones, is to use rugs. By setting a rug down in a section of an open-plan space, it acts as a divider – helping to break the room up a little. For example, separate your lounging space from your desk space by adding a rug, which can help mentally as well as physically, and also adds a touch of interest to your home.

Rugs are such a great way of transforming how a space looks and feels, but with the added benefit of being able to move and swap it around whenever you choose – they are a really flexible way of updating your home. Brighten up your home this spring by adding a light patterned rug atop wooden floorboards – making it soft beneath your feet as well as making the room feel brighter.

The addition of our Marrakesh rug on top of dark wooden flooring completely lifts the space