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Escape Outdoors

As many of us now find ourselves spending more time at home, the garden is – now more than ever – the perfect place to escape to. Away from the daily hustle and bustle in the house, there’s nothing quite like stepping outside for a moment of peace and calm. 

Heading outside and taking some time to enjoy the outdoors is not only a great way to break up your day, it can benefit your health and wellbeing more than you often appreciate. From increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood, to reducing stress and anxiety, and improving concentration levels, spending as little as half an hour in the garden each day can truly improve your health and productivity. Often, it’s hard to find the inspiration to create relaxing garden spaces or chill out areas, but the benefits of spending that time outdoors are endless!

We’ve put together a quick guide to relaxing garden ideas, giving you some examples of ways in which you can create the ultimate sanctuary in your garden or outdoor space, resulting in some much needed fresh air and vitamin D.

Create a calm corner

Our Skala Sofa Set is the epitome of relaxing garden furniture, and creates the perfect reading spot

Heading out of the house and into a secluded spot in the garden to take a break is essential. By finding a calm and quiet place to take some time out from your schedule – whether it is working from home, or trying to keep the children entertained – you give yourself the chance to relax, rejuvenate and revitalise, ready for whatever the day throws at you. Sit down and read a book, listen to a podcast, stretch out with some yoga or just sit and enjoy the silence, listening to the birds and other noises around you. Why not encourage nature to share your space with a bird feeder or nest box?

Choose complete comfort

Our Colwell garden set features sumptuous off-white seat cushions to provide ultimate comfort.

Sitting down, taking a break outside and breathing in fresh air is something that should be enjoyed, so it is important to make your outdoor sanctuary as comfortable as possible. Use deep filled cushions, throws and pillows on your garden furniture to allow your body to truly relax, making your outdoor space just as comfortable as your living room – so comfy you never want to leave! Treat yourself to some time out each afternoon, and put your feet up with a good book and a glass of wine or your favourite cocktail after a long day. If you’re looking for a new drinks recipe, find out how to create the perfect Summer Spritz, in partnership with Fever-Tree.

Introduce scented plants

Here our Selbourne Double Lounger Set sits amongst beautifully scented foliage to create a relaxing atmosphere

As we find ourselves at the beginning of spring, it’s the perfect time for growing herbs, plants and flowers that not only help to transform your outdoor space visually, but also aromatically. Introducing relaxing aromas such as lavender and mint around your garden, and particularly near your outdoor furniture, will add another element of relaxation to your new sanctuary, helping relieve stress from both your body and mind. Find out more about creating a home inspired by nature.

Create calming sounds

This set up, featuring our Colwell garden set next to a calm pool is what garden dreams are made of

The sound of the ocean is widely recognised as one of the most soothing and relaxing noises to listen to, and can help transport you to a world where you’re sitting on the beach or by a small brook, watching the water lap against the shore. Although you can’t bring the ocean to your garden, a small water feature near your garden furniture can replicate these soothing noises, creating a subtle background sound that reminds you of days spent by the sea, soaking up the sun. If you’re unable to add a water feature, another way of creating gentle sounds is to hang a wind chime in the garden – the soft chimes introduce a sense of escapism and relaxation.

Make your own evening escape

Create your very own evening escape with our Amberley garden sofa set

Gardens aren’t just for the daytime, amongst the sunshine and bright blue skies – the garden can also act as the perfect evening escape. Once the day has died down, it’s a great chance to take a moment to step outside, sitting down on a comfy garden corner sofa amongst throws and blankets to reflect on the day that has passed. Add a chimnea to keep warm when the sun has gone down, and fairy lights to create a charming and intimate ambience. Once the sun has gone down, it’s time to head inside, curl up on your favourite armchair or spread out on the sofa with a hot drink.

How can I make my garden look nice? We’ve partnered with Garden Trading to bring you our Outdoor Living Collection, perfect for making those moments in the garden a true breath of fresh air. Create your very own alfresco living area, and enjoy the peace and quiet. When this is all over, you’ll have the ultimate space for summer entertaining, whether you’ve got the family coming over for Sunday lunch, or an night of cocktails on a Friday evening.