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Elevate your bedroom décor…with Jennifer Rothbury: top tips for a good night’s sleep

The clocks have gone back and that means an extra hour of being snuggled up in your thick duvet, cocooned from the cold chill of November. As we get closer and closer to the festive period, making sure you elevate your bedroom to its optimal comfort and create a haven from the wintry world outside has never been more important.

So, in the spirit of luxurious lie-ins and sleepy Sundays, we’re kicking off a series celebrating bedroom interior design, starting with the wonderful Jennifer Rothbury (aka @crack_the_shutters). Who better to get bedroom ideas from than a self-confessed bed-obsessed interior influencer? Read on to be inspired by some beautiful bedroom design and discover Jen’s top tips when it comes to getting a stylish night’s sleep.

Jen’s interior style

Classic, elegant, and timeless, Jen’s Instagram feed is complete of neutral, contemporary rustic style that has us swooning for the upcoming season. Discussing how she creates the perfect sanctuary to come home to, Jen explains: “I feel like my interior style isn’t one that can be put in a typical box such as Scandi, Industrial, or Maximalist. Rather, my home has elements of lots of different styles that I am drawn to running through it. I love calm feeling spaces with light colours and soft edges, but without being too minimalist. It’s liberating to be able to regularly change my rooms with different accessories and colours and yet always keep hold of that feeling of warmth and serenity.”

For Jen, interior design is all about creating a feeling: “Your bedroom is the one room in your house that is just for you and not your guests so it’s the one room that you shouldn’t try and please anyone else. Think about how you want to feel when you’re in your bedroom and try and invoke that feeling through the choices you make with your colours and furniture.

“Our bedroom has a blue palette which is quite different to the rest of the house as the cool tones can make a space feel unwelcoming, especially in the winter months. However, in a bedroom the various shades of blue can be made to feel warm and inviting through the added textures of the bedding and throws, lending the room a really peaceful feeling which I absolutely adore.”

Best beds for a better night’s sleep

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, making sure you select a sumptuous, comfortable bed that you can’t wait to sink into after a long day is key. 

“First off, it is essential to have a comfortable bedmattress, and pillows – no matter how tired you are you will never sleep well in an uncomfortable bed! Considering we spend nearly half of our life in bed it’s an area of the home that’s worth investing in. Our Bella bed is not only incredibly comfortable but it’s so aesthetically pleasing – it makes me want to go to bed early and enjoy luxuriating in it.

“I adore soft edges in décor and am a total sucker for curves, arches and ribbing so the design of the Bella bed just sung to me! The sage fabric works perfectly with the colours in our room and the smart velvet is a godsend with two children and a dog always jumping all over the bed! I’m definitely spending longer in bed since having the Bella than ever before.”

Jen’s top tips to improve your sleep

Creating a tranquil, luxurious space also extends to your chosen accessories. Jen insists that when it comes to bedroom décor, setting your desired ambience commences with lighting: “Finding the right lighting is so important when it comes to a good night’s sleep. I like wall lights with a warm bulb only before I go to sleep for a soft glow and to help me wind down. Textures, candles, and warm lighting are my cosy essentials in winter!

“Having throws or bedspreads on the bed immediately adds warmth and interest to the bed and lighting candles guides a beautiful soft glow as well as making the room smell beautiful! Wall lights with pleated shades and warm bulbs are so much cosier than harsh overhead lighting in winter too.”

Designing a sensuous experience for you to rest and de-stress not only includes warm lighting and calming scents, but also delightful textures, whether that’s soft boucle cushions, woollen blankets, or silk pillow covers: “For me, I’m always drawn to white crisp bedding as find it so inviting and gives a feeling of being clean and fresh which is exactly how a bed should be! Creating a sensory environment is so important when it comes to unwinding.”