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At home with… pop superstar Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Singing sensation Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been delighting the music charts with her glittering pop, disco and 80’s inspired anthems since the early 2000’s. With six studio albums to her name and millions of records sold worldwide, Sophie has forged an impressive career and continues to evolve with the release of her Orchestral Greatest Hits album this spring. Despite her remarkable career, Sophie is still very much grounded to her London roots and has shared her west London home with musician husband, bassist with The Feeling Richard Jones, where they are bringing up their four young sons.

We recently joined Sophie in her West London home, where we marveled at her incredible interior style, all while sat on her sofas.

How would you describe your home style?

Colourful, eclectic and eccentric! With lots of strange vintage bits and bobs everywhere. I love to mix modern design with modern vintage so that my home has lots of character and personality in it.

Sophie’s home is the perfect combination of eclectic style and family comforts
Some people collect postcards or key rings from their travels, Sophie collects unique and inspiring dolls from around the world!

You have three different designs in your living room, our Isla and Iggy four-seat sofas, as well as a Snowdrop loveseat. What drew you to these particular designs and do you have a personal favourite?

I roughly knew what I was looking for and I’m so happy with the choices I made! The Isla is the big, cosy family sofa which you can flop into and cuddle up next to the fire while you watch a movie. The Iggy is such a handsome and elegant sofa which looks very stylish and grown up, while the Snowdrop Loveseat is the link between the two. It’s cosy like the Isla but smart like the Iggy.

Our ‘handsome’ Iggy providing a touch of elegance
Our Isla sofa and Snowdrop loveseat looking pretty in pink

I went for two 4 seater sofas as we are lucky enough to have space and lucky enough to have the big family, so it’s great we can all sit together! It’s a first for us!

You’ve chosen two very bright and luxurious fabrics, Peony and Prussian Blue pure cotton matt velvet, for your living room sofas.  Is this statement style something you’ve always wanted in your home?

Absolutely! The peony is such a gorgeous, happy colour and always looks warm and inviting.  I’ve always been cheered up by that shade of pink. I also wanted something different to what was there before so I thought a really rich dark colour would be good, so we went for the Iggy in Prussian Blue, it feels really decadent.

Our decadent Iggy is the ideal spot for a little musical creativity!
Our Snowdrop Loveseat – “It’s cosy like the Isla but smart like the Iggy.”

How have you styled your interiors around these beautiful colours?

The sitting room gets a lot of light so I wanted to have two distinct areas – one side of the room has a big dining table then the sofas are all around the fireplace. The walls are a fairly neutral greeny/grey so I felt I could be a bit bolder with the peony which really works.  I want the room to look beautiful and inviting but also playful and relaxed. I’m not grown up enough for monochrome and minimalism!

Natural light brightens up Sophie’s home even more!
Titus, Sophie’s cat, has given the bright, comforting sofas his approval!
Dolls from around the world – Sophie’s travelling mementos take pride of place in her open space living room

What advice would you give to someone who is curious about adding bold colour to their home?

Just try it! You can start with just little accents here and there like bright silk flowers or cushions and then if you like it try a sofa or a wallpaper. I always think what’s the worst that can happen? I’ve definitely got it wrong sometimes but when it works I genuinely think having the right colours around you helps improve your mood. I have always felt a big reaction to colours… I hope that doesn’t make me sound too strange!

The Izzy Loveseat – “Probably the most used sofa in the house!”

You’re a mother of four young boys, how are your interior decisions influenced by this? What do they think of your beautiful velvet sofas?

I want the house to be a vibrant family home, so I can’t be precious about anything! It’s got to function and they have to feel safe and happy when they are at home. I also ask their opinion about it all – even though I have the final say, of course! They love the new sofas and although they were a bit reticent about change initially, as soon as they were all here they haven’t questioned it. Everything looks so much better than the tired old things we had before. I know it’s a bit silly but genuinely every time I walk into the sitting room and see the new sofas I feel so happy. The house has never looked better.

You also have our Izzy loveseat in Cedar soft wool for your playroom, which is the perfect size for you and your boys to get comfortable on. Are you planning lots of family time here or is it a treat for the boys?

We probably sit on this seat most out of all the sofas in the house! It’s where we read books or sit and have a cup of tea while the kids play. It’s the perfect size for space it’s in – it looks made to measure – and I love the rich handsome colour. It’s very luxurious.

Our Izzy Loveseat gives the family area an elevated feeling of comfort

We have long been fans of your wonderful music (‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ is regularly played over at HQ)! Do you have a special room in your home where you hide away to write? What kind of ambience do you like to create to get your creative juices flowing?

I think the house feeling and looking so happy and colourful has always encouraged me creatively and boosted my morale. I have a piano in the sitting room so I go there to work out little ideas. Richard also has a studio in a room on the ground floor, so if we need a more professional set-up it’s all sorted.

Anyone for a milkshake?

What home comforts do you most look forward to coming back to after touring?

Cooking a big roast dinner with the family and any friends who are free before heading to the sofas to put a cartoon on for the kids while the grown-ups have a little afternoon snooze.. bliss.   Thank you very much, Sophie, for showing us around your home. Be sure to visit Sophie’s website for the latest news and tour dates.

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