Interior Design Tips

Summer styled by you

Our long awaited summer is upon us… even if it is the British version. With brilliant sunshine one minute, and the threaten of rain the next, a fresh interior to retreat to is essential, particularly when hosting. This year we’re loving balmy bay windows, fresh warm neutrals, pops of Barbiecore and open spaces made for socialising.

These interior lovers have styled their beautiful handmade pieces exquisitely to create some of our favourite looks this summer season.

Summer commences the launch of the social season; the perfect time to get together with friends and family. Our sizeable Long Island is the ultimate destination for squeezing in all your loved ones ready to settle in for an evening of wholesome entertainment. Plus as a modular design you can maneuver the sofa sections around to create a more sociable space. The griege interior hues are sublime for a fresh summer look, which @2711_interiors spruces up with yellow toned cushions. Using a neutral colour palette means when the leaves turn golden you can refresh with richer tones accessories.

A good nights sleep is essential to maintain our energy during the long summer days. @beyondtheblankcanvas has created a beautiful sleep sanctuary with our Bella bed in our Olive Cotton Matt Velvet for added indulgence. The beds flute detailing and background of paneled walls create a depth to the room, with touches of gold hardware that contribute to the warm welcoming space. The addition of bedside eucalyptus infuses the room with a fresh aroma with a candle on the opposite to create some nighttime ambience.

In many homes the kitchen is the heart of their living space. Where family members pull up a stool to snack, or friends gather to chat while you prep a delicious meal. A comfy bar stool is essential for your loved ones to be able to keep you company without back pain! @wisteria_kitchens has got the right idea styling this kitchen counter with our Basil Bar Stool. A country kitchen isn’t complete without earth tones and textures to bring a touch of the outside in. Complimenting warm woods with a neutral palette keeps a fresh feel.

Sleeping on the couch may not be such a dismal experience if it’s done in sofa bed style! Every social home cries out for a sofa bed to indulge their guests in (no matter how impromptu they may be). As a social home owner herself, @amybell has indulged in our Larsen Sofa Bed for functional comfort that doesn’t compromise on style. Furnishing the bouclé piece with checkerboard cushions, which has been an emerging pattern trend this year adds further depth, comfort and vibrancy to complete this summer look.

It’s set to be the movie of the year… it’s pink, its whimsical and if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s Barbie. Barbiecore has taken the world by storm, and has even seeped into the interior realm, with homes leaning into more colourful looks. If you’re looking to take inspiration from the vibrant trend but maintain a sophisticated interior then take a leaf out of @elmhurst57‘s book. Our classic and much loved Bluebell in vibrant Peony is grounded by the muted green walls and warm woods that surround it. With a beautiful bay window allowing natural light to stream in, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a book when the weather turns south.