Interior Design Tips

Autumn, styled by you

Beautifully layered autumn bed styled by @rebeccadeboehmler.stylist and shot by @oli_douglas

As the dark creeps in earlier and earlier, and the scattering of sienna and amber leaves are whisked up in the wild wind, our home increasingly becomes our retreat from the elements, as well as the space we look to invite family and friends in a season of upcoming celebrations. In the famous words of Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times”, and these autumnal stylings certainly brightened our day…so if you’re looking for some cosy inspiration then look no further.

Autumn tones: Layer up and snuggle down

If you were looking for the epitome of an autumnal bed @rebeccadeboehmler.stylist has created the finest template. Our Lucy bed in Claret sets the perfect plush base for the deep tones of burnt orange and olive green layered on top. Combine this with the tousled textures, clashing patterns and a multitude of pillows to create depth, and you have yourself an epic cocoon to curl up in after a long day of festivities or a cosy hiding spot from the British weather.

Bonny boucle: Reading corner comfort

Gone are the long summer days spent outside in a pub garden or having picnics in the park. The splendid silver lining of course is it being more socially acceptable to spend an afternoon solo, unwinding indoors with a book in hand, or a podcast on the go while the candle’s aroma fills the room.

@tobyshome has pieced together a snug corner, with our Shelby armchair in soft Champagne boucle as the pinnacle. Paired with ambient lighting and a side table calling out for a cuppa to be placed on top…who would miss summer when you have this?

Cosy colours: Green for the seasonal blues

Green and blue are topping the colour scheme charts this autumn, and @seenfromthegreen has cleverly combined the two for a snug yet sophisticated living room.

After a rather chaotic few of years, we understand why you may be craving a tranquil environment, and green is the ultimate choice for a serene space. The soft texture of our Isla in Jade is the perfect piece for a cosy room and featuring our smart velvet technology it’s prepared for any spillages the season of celebration may bring!

Contemporary comfort: The best seat in the house

Take a leaf out of @_jesshurrell‘s book by mixing earthy tones to create a biophilic inspired interior that brings the beauty of the outside inside (minus the cold). Approaching the season of socialising, the Tiffany armchair is sure to provide any guest with the best seat in the house, or of course you could keep the comfort all to yourself (we wouldn’t blame you). With all around detail, the luxury design can be admired from any angle.

Outside the orthodox: Eye-catching comfort

Spring and summer can’t have all the fun! Over the rainbow and beyond conventional autumn colour schemes is @reka_thornton_home‘s vibrant yet comfy living room. Our Snowdrop button back sofa in Peony is a daring choice, yet with plush plunging details, a layering of clashing cushions and a warm throw, a depth of textures is formed and proves that colourful can still be cosy!

Bright and bold doesn’t limit comfiness… with some tweaks bright colours will be irresistible in any season.