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Will it fit? Meet our breakdownable sofas

Living in a home with restricted access, tight doorways or on a higher floor in a block of flats or apartments shouldn’t restrict you from owning the sofa of your dreams. We understand that not every home is the same, which is why we have been expanding our collection of ‘breakdownable sofas’, allowing for easier access (and peace of mind on delivery day!)

How does it work? 

A breakdownable sofa is exactly as it sounds. It is still your favourite design, with all of its features intact, but it is delivered to your home in four smaller, more manageable pieces. This means our delivery drivers can gain access to your home without any issues, such as getting stuck going up the stairs or in the hallway, with your fabulous new sofa.  They will even put it together, exactly where you want it, and take away the packaging with them too – so there’s no need for you to worry about what will happen when your sofa arrives. 

Saturday two and a half seat sofa in Peony pure cotton matt velvet

Do you need a breakdownable sofa? 

The best way to figure out whether one of our sofas will fit into your home is to follow our ‘will it fit’ guide.  A simple step by step process guiding you through measuring the access points in your home against the sofa of your choice. 

Will it fit?

1 Check your sofa measurements which can be found in the ‘techy specs’ section of our website on each product page.

2 Will it fit up the stairs? Measure the width of the staircase at the narrowest point, taking into account handrails and light fixtures. If the distance is wider than the height of your sofa then it should fit. 

3 Is it going in a lift?  If so, measure the open door height and width and the depth to make sure it fits. 

4 Navigating the hallways and internal doors. Your sofa needs to be able to get into the room you’re going to be sitting on it in. Measure the width of any areas that sofa may need to pass through against the dimensions of your chosen sofa, making note of any obstructions such as radiators, skirting boards and light fittings. 

5 Getting it in to your home. Above everything mentioned here, you need to make sure the sofa will fit through your front door! Open your door as wide as possible and measure the distance between the outer edge of the door and the inner edge of your door frame at its narrowest point. Compare this measurement to the height of your sofa, allowing for some wiggle room either side. If the sofa height is bigger than the narrowest point of the doorway, you may need a breakdownable sofa!

Bluebell two seat sofa in Loch brushed linen cotton

Which sofas break down? 

If you find you need one of our handy breakdownable sofas in your home to complete the look you love, then there are currently thirteen sofa ranges in our collection which can arrive broken down and the good news doesn’t stop there, the ranges include some of our best-loved and most popular styles, too! 

See below the sofas which you can choose from. Be sure to check out each category as they vary in which sizes are available to be delivered broken down. 

BluebellAissaIggy, DescartesDescartes plainIzzyOttoIslaOliverSaturdaySnowdropStella and Hendrik

Aissa two and a half seat sofa in Cobble brushed linen cotton

Hendrik two and a half seat sofa in Climbing Chevy by Tori Murphy in Stratus

Isla two and a half seat sofa in Midnight Blue brushed linen cotton

Snowdrop two and a half seat sofa in Slade Stripe in Anchor by Zoe Glencross 


For more information and to see the full range of sizes available that break down for easy access, visit our website > Breakdownable Sofas 

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