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Velvet – the trend that’s here to stay

If there’s one trend that took the world by storm last year it’s velvet, and it seems like this luxurious look is here to stay (hooray!). The sense of glamour, the incredibly soft touch and the stunning colours mean that velvet has been welcomed into interior schemes with open arms.

Whether you’re looking for a small velvet footstool to complete the look of your room, or want to make a statement with a brightly coloured velvet corner sofa, we know that you won’t regret it – velvet isn’t going anywhere.

Velvet is an incredibly luxurious material that is soft to touch, perfect to sink into, and beautiful to look at, finished with a slight sheen that reflects light into the rest of the room. The intricate manufacturing process combined with the soft texture, feel and appearance, means velvet has long been associated with royalty – which is why furniture upholstered in velvet is a great way to introduce a sense of luxury into the home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sofa with a touch of class, or want to add a contemporary twist that doesn’t scrimp on style, velvet is the perfect choice. 

Our favourite velvet interior looks

Owning something upholstered in velvet is undeniably cool, and although we love our entire range of velvets, there are a few that have a special place in our hearts.


Holly 2.5 seat sofa in Deep Turquoise cotton matt velvet

Our jewel toned Deep Turquoise cotton matt velvet is the perfect way to add a majestic touch to your home. Sleek and elegant, this rich turquoise colour emulates calmness and serenity, allowing you to sit back and relax in style and comfort. The rich velvet works perfectly with darker walls, as the material reflects light instead of absorbing it, and the cool blue hue is the ideal nod to Pantone’s Colour of the year for 2020. Style the room with complimentary green hues and a touch of coral through the addition of scatter cushions, a rug and throw. 


Oscar 2.5 seat sofa in Claret cotton matt velvet

Make a statement with velvet. We love the pairing of this Claret red cotton matt velvet on our Oscar sofa against a neutral background to make the colour really stand out. Velvet works perfectly on button-tufted furniture designs for that added touch of elegance. For maximum effect, pair the deep red velvet with contrasting soft greys, like we’ve done here through scatter cushions and our Georgette footstool. Whether you’re entertaining guests on a Saturday evening or putting your feet up on a Sunday afternoon, this is the perfect sumptuous space.


Juliet double bed in Peony cotton matt velvet

Introduce velvet in the bedroom to completely transform the room. Using bright Peony velvet, deep turquoise and luscious yellow accessories, the bright colours not only add warmth but also a touch of contemporary style, creating a space where you can’t help but wake up happy! Complete the look with a matching Peony velvet ottoman, which not only looks the part but is perfect for storage too. 


Velvet styled by you

One of our favourite things to see is the different ways in which our sofas, chairs and beds are incorporated into your homes, with your own unique styles and twists. We’ve picked a few of the most stunning #sofadotcom spaces featuring our velvet fabrics, which demonstrate just how versatile and stunning velvet can be. 

Bluebell small armchair and medium footstool in Butterscotch cotton matt velvet

The classic combination of yellow and blue makes this style from @woodsintothewoods an absolute dream. The Butterscotch yellow velvet on our Bluebell armchair and matching footstool contrasts perfectly against the deep blue walls, whilst the touches of white around the fireplace and skirting brighten up the room. The result? An envy-inducing corner of colour, perfect to snuggle up in with a book on a lazy afternoon.

Juliet double bed in Armour smart velvet

@end_of_the_row made it even harder to leave her bed in the morning by opting for our luxurious Armour smart velvet bed. Here the dark grey/blue velvet works perfectly with the pastel pink bedding and sage green walls for a look that will take you straight into Spring. By opting for our smart velvet range, @end_of_the_row can enjoy her Sunday morning cuppa in bed without worrying about spills or stains!

Bluebell chaise armchair in Peony cotton matt velvet

How could we write a velvet blog article without mentioning this stunning Peony velvet Bluebell chaise? The bright pink velvet, paired with dark and moody interiors, is the perfect way to make a statement, adding an incredible injection of colour to the room. Finished off with a matching lampshade and patterned cushion, @thegingerhareofyorkshire has created a look to die for.


For more velvet inspiration, take a look at “Our Velvet Obsession” board on Pinterest.


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