How to turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat this Christmas

Your bedroom should be a tranquil getaway, a place you can rest your head at the end of a long day in peace and somewhere you can leave your stresses at the door. However, at this time of year, our bedrooms can often feel neglected as we turn our attention towards transforming the rest of our homes into a comforting and inviting space you can spend Christmas with friends and family.

Ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere in our bedrooms is a great way to ensure a great night’s sleep. So this season, invest some time in turning your bedroom into a restful sanctuary where you can lay your head to rest in peace, allowing you to enjoy the seasons’ festivities.


Do you have a place in your room that has become the go-to area to throw your bag, coat, clean or dirty washing etc.? (Most likely a piece of fitness equipment you promised yourself you’ll use every day!) but it’s not actually serving any purpose apart from a place to store clutter? (Don’t worry, you’re not alone!). This area is a good place to start to restore order in your bedroom again to create a more atmospheric room.

Decluttering the space in your bedroom not only promotes relaxation but by paring down the essentials in the room, you can concentrate on investing in higher quality pieces of furniture.  Think of it as quality over quantity!  Also, no one wants to be tripping over clothes or standing on items as they try and navigate their way to bed! Keeping floors clear of clutter will not only reduce levels of stress when you enter your room, but you’ll be able to find things more quickly – which is ideal for this busy time of year.

Comfort is key

Decide what you really need in your bedroom and eliminate the rest, we think taking a look at your bed is a good place to start.  The bed is, after all, the focal point of a bedroom and where you will be spending your time so investing in a well-made, high-quality piece is essential to a great night’s sleep.

You can explore our range of beautifully handcrafted beds which are suitable for any kind of bedroom size and style. Choose from our beds on legs which create the illusion of more space in smaller bedrooms, ottoman bases to help create less clutter and divan storage drawer bases to help keep the pathway to your bed clear, plus more.

Marvellous mattresses

Choosing the right mattress will make a big difference in how you sleep at night and if you have the right mattress for your body type and preferences you’re more likely to enjoy your surroundings! Aim for something with sufficient support and you’ll be off to a peaceful slumber in no time.

Our range of Hypnos mattresses have a selection of firmness and support available, and you can find the right one for you here: Hypnos mattresses

Choose calming colours

Beautifully bright colours and elaborate patterns look great on the pages on your favourite interior magazine, but they are unlikely to help you achieve a full, content night’s sleep. A colour palette of soft, natural colours will encourage a sense of calm and help transform your room into the tranquil sanctuary you are looking for.

Redecorating your bedroom in more neutral colours can be a low-cost activity with a high pay off, so find what colours help you bring on a sense of calm.

Not sure where to start? Try these calming hues to bring a sense of peace to your room:

Dark greys/ blues

These cool and calm shades give a cosy, richness to a bedroom which can be easily broken up with a stylish headboard and bedding to add a touch of colour.

A peaceful place to slumber with Farrow & Ball Downpipe paint (Image credit: @farrowandball)

Pale blue

For those who want something a little more colourful then grey, but don’t want to go all our dark.  The cool-toned hue evokes feelings of the sea and sky, creating a calming retreat for tired eyes.

Create interest with cool, blue hues with paint colour Berrington Blue. (Image credit: @Farrowandball)

Soft green  

Taking colour inspiration from nature, such as sage or pistachio, creates a look of elegance and encourages contentment.

For a touch of colour, keep it fresh and calm with soft, natural greens with Dix Blue paint colour (Image credit: @Farrowandball)

Pale grey

Opting for a pale grey works wonderfully if you’re not a fan of overly white surroundings. Soothing pale greys look elegant and can be easily paired with pops of playful textures and subtle patterns.

Clean & crisp, pale pallets do not have to be clinical looking! Paint Colour: Ammonite (Image credit: @Farrowandball)

De-cluttering your bedroom doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your luxurious comforts such as cushions and throws, just remember moderation is the best way to keep a sense of calm.  Selected cushions can add personality and character to your room, as well as create a more welcoming area to relax in at the end of the day.  Keeping accessories to a minimum will really help your quest for sleep, and there is something quite comforting about curling up with one of our velvet house scatter cushions!

The texture in your room isn’t all about what you add on top of your bed. Give your feet a treat by laying a sheepskin rug on the floor, down the side of your bed. This gives your toes a warming welcoming in the morning and feels especially great in the winter months.

If added accessories such as cushions and rugs are too much for your inner sanctum, try adding texture and character to the room with a headboard with subtle details such as our Thea headboard or Avery headboard.

Thea’s gentle scrolled headboard provides just the right amount of elegance, with minimal fuss.

To create your own bedroom sanctuary this Christmas, you can discover our full range of beds and Hypnos mattresses online and in our beautiful showrooms.

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