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Top Tips for a Stylish Living Room

When updating your living room, we understand the importance of finding the perfect sofa (we’re sofa experts, after all!). However, it doesn’t stop there – there’s a host of different elements to consider when you’re planning a room re-design. To help ensure your living room is styled as perfectly as possible, we’ve teamed up with online interior design extraordinaires My Bespoke Room to provide you with their top tips to help you create the living room of your dreams.

My Bespoke Room are an online design service, where you can be assigned your own professional and super friendly designer from as little as £95. We got chatting to Claire Armstrong-Gautier, Lead Designer at My Bespoke Room, who answered your most burning questions about how to design your living room around your sofa and gave her top tips. Take it away, Claire…

1. How do I choose a rug to go with my sofa?

When it comes to rugs, size does matter! Always start by measuring out your space. If possible, go for a rug wider than your sofa so you can sit the front two legs on top – this is the best way to ground your sofa and help frame the living space. A great tip is to mark out the size of the rug on your floor with masking tape to see if it works.  

Our Albie sofa sits neatly with the front two feet sitting on the rug to help frame the living space.

2. What’s best, side tables or coffee table or both?

This does come down to personal preference and the space you have to work with, but I think side table are number one. They are useful for adding table lamps to the space and giving you a spot to pop a cuppa down. Coffee tables are a lovely way to add a focal point to the room and you benefit from extra storage. In fact, we find more and more of our clients opting for a storage ottoman with a tray on top! This provides everything a coffee table can offer, while adding the comfort element too.

Our Crosby side table is the perfect addition to any living room, providing a handy surface on which to put lamps, vases and your cup of tea.

3. Should I match an armchair with my sofa?

We often suggest using an armchair to add a little contrast and interest into your room. Do this with a different colour or even a pattern. If you’re nervous about mixing colours together just ensure you have some small pops of the colours from your armchair on some cushions on your sofa – this will ensure a cohesive finish.

Here our Snowdrop armchair in Orchid cotton matt velvet sits beautifully next to the Butterscotch cotton matt velvet on the Snowdrop sofa and footstool.

4. What lighting options do I have to create a cosy atmosphere in my living room?

We love ambient lighting as it makes such a difference to the way your room feels. The key to ambient lighting is to add lights at varying heights throughout your room for warmth and softness. For this, add as many table lamps and floor lamps as you like. Let’s not forget about wall lights too. For those of you without wall lights currently, don’t worry – you don’t have to cut into the plaster for this as there are plenty of options on the market right now that simply need to be plugged in. One type of wall light that we think is really underrated and adds great ambient lighting is an adjustable-arm wall light. This can go over your sofa or dining table, adding a real feature to the room. 

Here we’ve paired our jewel-toned Bluebell sofa with a floor lamp to add ambience to the room. 

5. Are there rules I should follow for choosing cushions for my sofa?

This is where you can really have fun so we don’t want to restrict you with rules! We like to add cushions that bring through pops of colours and simultaneously pull your scheme together. We do suggest keeping under a 55cm square cushion size just to keep everything in proportion. 

Our Izzy corner sofa is brought to life by the pops of colour introduced by the scatter cushions

6. Should I match my footstool to my sofa or should there be a contrast?

This completely depends on your personal preference. We often suggest a contrast, a bold colour difference or something subtle to add warmth and depth to your room if you like a softer approach. However, if you are going for a modular sofa with an ottoman to add a chaise end then it is nice to keep it matching to really give that big comfy sofa finish.

Here our Bluebell sofa is upholstered in Loch brushed linen cotton, whilst the Bluebell footstool is in Pumice house basket weave to add a subtle colour difference to the room.

Still have some questions? Give MBR a buzz on 020 3904 3800 or drop them a note on Alternatively, visit their website for more info on their fab services:

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