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Stylish storage options for the contemporary home

You’ve finally done it, you’ve Marie Kondo’d every corner of your home! You’ve found all the items in your interior that spark joy and you’ve thanked the ones that you’re ready to part ways with before respectfully letting them go (even if you had to thank that ex boyfriend’s gift through gritted teeth!). If, like us, you’ve fallen in love with Marie Kondo’s life affirming method for decluttering your space then you’ll have no doubt discovered the joys of strategic storing. Folding your clothes in a fashion that allows them to be seen all at once makes a lot of sense and is remarkably satisfying. If, like us, you’ve also discovered that an awful lot of items in your home spark joy then you might need to think about some additional storage options to help keep things looking streamlined. Why not check out some of our stylish storage suggestions below? From fabulous storage footstools to opulent ottoman beds, we’ve got the designs to keep your dream interior looking deliciously uncluttered!

Buttons Storage bench

Our Buttons storage bench

Offering your space some additional seating and a surprising amount of depth within, our Buttons Bench is a no-brainer when it comes to sophisticated storage! This beautifully button tufted piece can even double up as a table making it a fantastically versatile addition for the modern home.


Carter Ottoman bed

Our Carter double ottoman bed in Ash soft wool

Looking for somewhere to stash those extra bed sheets? Be sure to check out our exquisitely hand-finished Carter double ottoman. With its handsome brass-studded headboard and sleek style lines, this is a piece that doesn’t sacrifice form for function! The base can be easily lifted to reveal an impressive amount of storage space, meaning your boudoir will be staying clutter free and delivering a dreamy night’s sleep from the get-go. Our handcrafted range also offers four other stunning ottoman bed designs, so whatever your personal style we can assure sweet dreams all round!


Ophelia drawers

Our Ophelia three drawer bedside chest

Speaking of beautiful boudoirs, our Ophelia chest of drawers are sure to keep things looking decadent in the bedroom. These French country inspired drawers will lend your space some traditionally stylish storage and can double up as a bedside table, offering you a spot to place additional lighting and that all important night-time glass of Pinot Grigio (in case you get thirsty!).


Aissa Chaise Sofa

Our Aissa large LHF chaise sofa in Blickling Norfolk cotton

What’s that we hear you cry? ‘A super soft sofa with additional storage – you guys are geniuses!’. A) thanks for the compliment (we also accept the terms mastermind and virtuoso) and B) You betcha! Our Aissa chaise offers plenty of deep seated luxury and comes with a cleverly concealed storage compartment to help you stash away any stray items in a pinch.


Valentin storage footstool

Our Valentin storage footstool

Contrary to popular opinion, your coffee table is not the perfect place to put your feet up (we learnt the hard way after kicking a lovely cup of tea across the living room – a modern day tragedy!). Pop your feet onto something plump and treat your lounge to some cleverly concealed extra storage. Our charmingly button-tufted Valentin footstool can be upholstered in over 150 different fabrics, so get creative and give your coffee table a much needed break!

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