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Spring styling with Feathering the Empty Nest

Spring has most definitely sprung and we’ve begun embrace this season in all of its optimistic glory! With this in mind we invited Elle, the inspirational founder of Feathering the Empty Nest, (and her adorable pug Boris), to share her top styling tips for Spring and her experience on replacing her inherited Bluebell sofa with one she can now call her very own. Elle and Boris, over to you…

Styling for spring with

I always like to restyle our home for spring, whether it’s the simplest of changes to the décor or filling every vase with spring blooms to brighten the place up.  I’ll be honest, I am the type of person who is pretty much itching to make changes for the spring as soon as the Christmas decorations come down.  I am guilty of planning a catalogue of updates the second that January is upon us! This new year was no different.  We have been talking about making some changes to the downstairs of our home for a few months now, and for me, a new sofa was key to updating our living room.  Our previous sofa was a hand-me-down from our parents (which had already been well used) and was given to us at a time when we had just purchased our house and had probably left ourselves enough money to be sitting on beanbags for the foreseeable future; so, their generosity (and sofa!) were very welcome.  For that reason I have since hankered after a sofa I picked myself, one that I felt I could perfectly match to our décor and style.  A sofa I could be proud of (and stare at, which I have done a lot of since our new one arrived!).

A comforting place for a spot of creativity

As someone who works from home and spends a lot of time at my laptop writing, I tend to move around the house a fair bit during the days I am working.  As much as I would love to say that I worked studiously at my desk all day; I’d be lying.  I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve ended up stretched out on the sofa. For that reason alone, it needed to be a comfy one!  I had long since fallen in love with the sofa that my in-laws had bought for their holiday home in Cornwall.  I had been lusting after something similar for some time, and now was my time! After trying some of the sofas at the Guildford showroom, I knew I was basically in love with the Bluebell sofa and had to have one of my own. To me a sofa (or any piece of furniture for that matter) needs to be timeless, something I love now, and can see myself still loving for years to come.  The Bluebell is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary; much like our home.  It was a sofa I could see in our home for a long time, and certainly not something I would find myself getting bored of.  We only really have one wall in our sitting room that is able to take a sofa against it; so, we needed to make sure it was long enough to seat three people.  We went for the three-seater sofa, but I have to say you can certainly seat four at a push; perfect for when we have friends over.

The perfect mix of traditional and contemporary styling

The colour was a fairly easy decision for me.  Our home is the currently the favourable fifty shades of grey that you tend to see splashed over the pages of interior magazines.  Some people probably see that as terribly boring and are more excited by the current trend of mustard velvet and dramatic blue hues.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these too; to look at.  I think my reality is, I know if I were to ever invest in anything like that for my house, I would love it for all of five minutes and inevitably end up hating it from that moment onwards.  Essentially, I play it safe, I cannot help myself.  For that reason (and a few handy free swatches in the post thanks to we settled on the brushed linen cotton in “Cobble”. I have to say (even if I do so myself) it was a brilliant choice, it’s just perfect for our room.  It’s a stunning soft grey, not too dark and not too cold looking.

Boris overlooking the styling from his new favourite spot! 

Of course, no sofa would be complete without cushions.  Or as my husband might refer to them as “an unnecessary number of cushions”.  I have to say that all cushions are always perfectly necessary; that includes those bed cushions that we all tire of taking off the bed and putting onto the floor each night!  The genius thing about cushions is that you can simply change them whenever you like, and in turn transform the look of your room; something I do frequently, especially as seasons change.  I don’t get rid of all of the ones I am not using, I save them until I change over again.  This spring was no exception, we absolutely needed new cushions to grace that new sofa!

Adding complementing cushions is a fuss-free way of updating your decor as the season’s change 

I love spring colours; whether it’s home or fashion, I am a sucker for them.   I went for calming Eggshell and Millennial Pink shades and these have really brightened up the room.  The pink works especially well against the against the Cobble grey of the sofa.  I have been cushion-plumping (we all know that’s definitely unnecessary faffing when the cushions are new!) non-stop since their arrival, and of course, adding spring flowers to the room wherever possible.

Do not disturb! Nap in progress… 

Our home is most certainly the place I relax the most, as does our pug, Boris, (you could say he relaxes much more than most?!) and I have found myself enjoying the sitting room so much more since these new additions have been made in time for spring.  I really feel like this room feels so much more “complete” now I have the perfect sofa to finish it.  In fact, it’s so perfect, I can see myself spending even less time at that desk, and even more, time stretched out on that sofa…… Oh well?! Elle x   Thank you very much, Elle! Be sure to check out her blog and for more utterly adorable pics of Boris and her beautiful home on Instagram @feathering_the_empty_nest. Photo credit: Sophie Lindsay Photography

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