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Spring 2019 as styled by you

Clear indicators that Spring has officially sprung:

  1. The daffodils are in full bloom.
  2. Your local supermarket’s essentially giving away unbought Easter chocolate.
  3. Flip flops have come out of hibernation and can be heard serenading the streets with that familiar ‘clap clap clap’ sound, like people are applauding you with their feet.

So, as we’ve begun embrace this season in all of its optimistic glory, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at some customers’ spaces that have been giving us some serious Spring 2019 inspiration. From bold fabric choices to charming colour/pattern combinations, we’ve found some of our favourite smile-inducing styles that we just know you’re going to love. Take a look at our top picks and be sure to tag us in your spaces on Instagram using #sofadotcom, for a chance to be featured in the future.


Our Mabel armchairs in Blush pure Belgian linen

Now this is how you use living coral to create a luxurious living room! @thankfifi has taken pantone’s colour of the year 2019 and created a space that speaks of peace and tranquillity. Living coral has been praised for its organic optimism and this room certainly reflects this. Our deep-seated Mabel armchairs invite maximum relaxation while the exquisite windowpane mirror throws natural light back over the gorgeous rose gold hued walls to capture a sense of serenity and space.



Our Holly 3 seat sofa and footstool in Canary cotton matt velvet

We’re loving @comedowntothewoods’ charming combination of colour and pattern here! The vibrancy of the canary yellow velvet works perfectly against the graphic walls and floor to create visual interest and a sense of modern eclecticism. We’re particularly enjoying the mini gallery wall featuring Queen Elizabeth and a Stormtrooper, mainly because they’d be on the invite list for our dream dinner party.



Our Bertie armchair in Alabaster brushed linen cotton

Spring might be synonymous with colour but that doesn’t mean we can’t get seriously inspired by gorgeous grey interiors. @lauramaykinsey has cleverly employed a range of ever so slightly different grey hues to create a delightfully modern room with an upscale edge. Opting for a more muted colour palette can allow the finer details of your pieces to really shine. For example, the button tufting of our Bertie armchair really pops when upholstered in this Alabaster brushed linen cotton and the intricate ironwork on the side table looks all the sleeker for its gloss black finish.



Our Audrey double bed in Canary cotton matt velvet

If this was our bedroom then we’d have probably been fired by now for making up bad excuses to cover copious lie-ins (‘got lost’, ‘saw a ghost on the train’, ‘forgot how to walk for a bit’ etc). @claire.a.ramshaw has created a joyously romantic room chock-full of rich textures and optimistic hues. The crisp springtime yellows play perfectly off the saturated blue walls and scatter cushions to create a bedroom with depth and effortless opulence.



Our Bluebell 2.5 seat sofa in Squirrel cotton matt velvet

Light, bright and beautifully styled, @cassliamarie’s contemporary space is giving us serious living room goals right now! Our Bluebell sofa in Squirrel cotton matt velvet helps to keep things traditional while the oversized floor lamp and humorous accessories (we see you Ghostbusters marshmallow man) help to add an edge of whimsy. By carefully selecting just a few statement pieces like the enlarged floor lamp and bold yellow footstool, @cassliamarie has allowed the room to breathe and feel upscale yet uncluttered.



Our Claude armchair in Blush pure Belgian linen

Given that we’re talking about Spring in Britain, we can’t discount the importance of having a cosy space to relax in. The weather’s unpredictability has us retiring and reintroducing our winter coats at a breakneck speed, so a bit of springtime snugness never goes amiss. @kylamagarthinteriors has created a terrifically textured space with a refreshingly light colour scheme that says ‘kick back and get comfortable.’ We’re massively inspired by the use of statement accessories in this room and are pleased to see our Claude armchair sporting a luxurious blush-tone linen that lends the space a touch of the boutique.



Our Holly 2.5 seat sofa in Amazon cotton matt velvet

I mean, who wouldn’t want to dive into our Holly sofa when it’s been styled like this? @Julesyates69’s living room is a master class on modern minimalism. The clean white palette and transparent side tables make the space feel modern and uncluttered while the bold blue velvet upholstery on our Holly helps to centre focus and makes it clear that this room is all about kicking back and relaxing in style.



Our Bluebell 2.5 seat sofa and armchair in Alabaster brushed linen cotton

Talk about an attic with lofty ambitions! @drs.wife has taken full advantage of this impressive space (we’re in love with those beams) and opted for a clean, off-white colour scheme. The combination of cleverly placed succulents and solid wood accessories helps to create a traditionally rustic feel while our bestselling Bluebell sofa and armchair in Alabastar brushed linen cotton add a touch of contemporary refinement.




Our Descartes 2 seat sofa in Prussian Blue cotton matt velvet

This season we’re seeing interiors turn up the volume with tropical details and it’s safe to say that we’re big fans! @housekidscats has brought the outside in with wonderfully waxy leaves and flourishing ferns. The blush tone wall works wonderfully against this greenery as well as the rich blue velvet of our decadently deep-seated Descartes sofa. This living area has a light, breezy air to it with a decidedly luxurious edge, oh and extra points for that brilliant bear side table (we need one!).



Our Audrey double bed in Armour smart velvet

Who’s for a springtime siesta? If we had a bedroom as beautiful as this, we’d be making them part of our daily routine! Having upholstered their Audrey bed in Armour smart velvet, @end_of_the_row has kept things spill/stain resistant and will be able to breathe easy while enjoying breakfast in bed. Soft sage walls and plump pink scatter cushions lend this space an elegantly Edwardian edge, perfect for some regal relaxing!




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