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Scandinavian, biophilic interiors: styled by Sharon Hornsby

For this month’s ‘styled by’ feature, we sat down with the wonderful Sharon Hornsby (@hornsby_style), whose stunning Scandinavian style has captured the hearts of more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram, and we can certainly see why! Not only does Sharon have the most gorgeous home and styling tips, but she also keeps things real – sharing the reality of renovations, entertaining her followers and showing how far her and her husband have come along the way.

Read on to take a look inside the Hornsby home, discover the key things Sharon has learnt from her substantial renovation so far, and find out her exclusive top tips for those of you who are looking to redesign your own interiors.

Finding your own interior style

Sharon and her husband Jim have been documenting their extensive renovation project on Instagram – a gorgeous 1920’s lodge – and we’ve loved watching the progress! The Hornsby home is taking on a Scandinavian look, using natural textures, plenty of plants and touches of colour to create her very own style – something she describes as “Scandinavian and Biophilic, with a touch of industrial luxe thrown in for good measure!”
In their latest renovation, Sharon is hoping to achieve “a cosy home with a welcoming Nordic feel”. Sharon loves the feeling of seeing the downstairs of your home as a whole, instead of separate rooms, allowing rooms to flow into one another – “This works by using the same flooring and tones, from wall colours to furnishings, which also opens up the space.”
“I have always loved Scandinavian and industrial style, along with Biophilic design (before I even knew what it was called!). Every home I’ve had has included plants, wood and natural textures, and connected to nature outside. I also love mixing metals, and I like it when my home looks like it has evolved over time, instead of being all “matchy-matchy”.

Learning during a renovation

The renovation Sharon and her husband Jim are undertaking is no small feat, and when you take a look at the before and after images, you might be blown away! But with renovations as large as this, you often encounter issues and lessons to be learnt. For Sharon, patience was the biggest lesson to be learnt -and of course budgeting. 
Another great lesson that Sharon has found is that although she had drawn up plans before they moved in and began the renovations, it’s important to allow yourself to make changes – especially once you’ve been living in the property for a while, because you get to know the spaces in much more detail – for example finding out where the light naturally falls in a room, or looking at how the family use the spaces.

Inside the Hornsby home

Sharon has recently added the Hendrik armchair and the Saturday sofa to her home. But why did she choose these styles? 
“I love the scandi inspired design of the Hendrik armchair and the exposed wood frame works perfectly in my home, I think it looks so beautiful in the Olive Matt Velvet.” The Olive fabric is the perfect way to continue the Biophilic theme running throughout the home, continuing the connection between nature and interiors. We love how the Hendrik armchair sits amongst the foliage in Sharon’s home, providing the perfect escape away from reality and into their very own jungle!
“I picked the Saturday sofa as we wanted deep seating for maximum comfort and also a classic look with oak legs… We got it right as it’s the comfiest sofa we have and the low arm make it perfect for stretching out on to read a good book, too.” Our Saturday sofa was designed for exactly that – elegant, eye-catching, but above all super comfy!

The crittall style aluminium doors installed within Sharon’s home are one of our favourite elements of the renovation, and add the touch of industrial luxe she was looking to achieve – we love them! But how has she ensured they fit within her home style? 
I decided to keep most of the walls white, which emulates the Nordic feel I love, and it also helps the doors to stand out allowing them to be the hero piece within the room. The starkness of the black and white is softened by plants and natural materials such as the dark stained oak flooring, which runs throughout the house.”

We love the way Sharon incorporates so many plants and foliage into her home, and not only do they look amazing, but they bring a number of health benefits, too!

If you’re looking for the best place to start in terms of plants, Sharon recommends spider plants, string of hearts, rubber plants and peace lilies – they are all really easy to look after, but if you’re concerned about keeping them alive there are a great range of faux plants available now, and they look incredibly realistic!

Planning a renovation 

When at the beginning of planning a substantial renovation it can be incredibly overwhelming, but it’s important to carefully consider the look you are hoping to achieve, and find sources of interior inspiration. From Pinterest and Instagram to interior magazines, and from interior retailers to blogs about real homes, Sharon ensures she doesn’t limit herself in terms of inspiration! Here are Sharon’s top tips: 

Firstly, don’t rush anything, and just take your time. It’s so important to plan the look you’re wanting to achieve, and do plenty of research into how you will be able to turn this into reality.
Never underestimate the power of a moodboard! Add fabric swatches, flooring samples, paint colours and pictures of furniture, and look at how they sit together. If any clash, why not try something a little different? Keep changing them and switching other colours and textures in and out until you find the perfect combination.
Don’t get rid of everything, but keep some things that hold memories. Don’t forget you’re creating a home, so little things that can add a personal touch are just as important.
Tastes change – so go for a classic design, and then add your personality through colours and accessories that can be changed easily.
Focus on quality! Stay within your budget, but focus on the quality of products that you can’t easily change, such as flooring, bathroom and kitchen fittings.

1. Saturday 2.5 Seat Sofa in Orchid cotton matt velvet, 2. Crosby Coffee Table, 3. Hendrik Armchair in Olive cotton matt velvet, 4. House Scatter Cushions in Sage smart velvet, Squirrel smart velvet and Dove smart velvet.


To stay up to date with Sharon and Jim’s latest renovation progress, and for more interior inspiration and renovation tips, make sure you’re following them on Instagram at @hornsby_style.





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