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Modular sofas: your sofa, your way

If you’re looking for a sofa that’s designed to help you maximise on space, then a modular sofa could be just what you are looking for. A modular sofa is a configuration of individual units, meaning you can create a sofa that is simply perfect for your home.  

At, four of our most popular ranges are available as a modular sofa –  Long Island, Aissa, Stella and Izzy.  All you have to do is measure the space in the room where your sofa will sit and pick a design from our selection below. Once you have decided on the design, use your measurements to choose the right units and ta-da –  you’ll have yourself a modular sofa!

Long Island 

Our Long Island sofa (also pictured above) comes in monumental proportions. We’re not going to tip toe around the fact that this is one big sofa, so you really need quite a bit of space to enjoy it, but the wonders of it being available in modular units means you can build the size that is just right for you.  It’s a very practical sofa and makes an outstanding centre piece in a room.

The pieces you need to build a Long Island… 

Large single unit and left/right hand unit 



Our Aissa is an elegant little design with an abundance of size and shapes available!  Choose from smaller seating options, corner and chaise configurations or even much larger options and build a generous ‘C’ or ‘U’ shaped sofa. Aissa really is a sofa that can do everything! You can even keep your guest happy by building a sofa bed unit into your modular sofa – very useful! 

Create your perfect Aissa…



Our Stella sofa offers a simple, yet stylish design for your home.  Just as with the Aissa, our Stella modular sofa also offers a sofa bed unit so you can really maximise on the space in your home! If you want to extend the sofa further or reduce the size at a later date, you can and the single units are just as comfortable on their own as when they are pieced together with others!

Start building your Stella… 


Izzy is our practical sofa for simple living.  It’s clean lines, plump cushions and tall, tapered legs make this a stylish addition to any home. As with our other modular sofas, the units available allow you to make up almost any shape and size that you wish!  

The flexible design eliminates the opportunity of wasting any precious space you may have in your home and it’s an excellent way to personalise the look and feel of the room.

This is everything you need to create your ideal Izzy… 

If you need a hand piecing together your modular sofa, visit us in your nearest showroom or give us a call on 0345 400 2222 and one of our friendly team will be happy to put your ideal combination together for you. 


  1. Jennifer Davis

    I currently have two two-seater Laura Ashley settees in my upstairs sitting room. I would like to update to a modular sofa but have narrow Deal turn stairs. The current sofas had to be brought in through the first floor window now blocked by secondary glazing. Help!

    I already have one of you armchairs which I really enjoy and was also impressed with your customer service which is why I am asking you to help with this difficult problem. I can send pictures if required. Jenny davis


      Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment. Along with our modular sofa designs, we also have a great selection of ‘breakdownable’ sofas which are delivered in smaller pieces, and fully assembled by our fabulous delivery team, which are designed to help people with smaller spaces or entrance ways. The best thing to do is send our customer care team an email on or call them on 0345 400 2222 and they will be happy to help you piece together your perfect sofa. I hope that helps!

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