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Meet the Experts: Bloom & Wild

Welcome to the second instalment of our exciting collaborative ‘Meet the Expert’ series with the lovely ladies at at My Bespoke Room, bringing you exclusive interviews with experts in the interiors industry.

In the first episode My Bespoke Room’s co-founder Diana Greenhalgh talked all about bedding, how to re-create that wonderful hotel bed feel at home, what the phrase ‘thread count’ actually means, and whether you need a mattress topper with the founder of Secret Linen Store, Molly Freshwater. 

We’re now very happy to bring you episode two, where My Bespoke Room’s co-founder, Laura Simpson, caught up with the Head of Brand and Creative at Bloom & Wild, Sara Gordon, to find out her top tips on how to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer, what three essential vases everyone should own, how to display flowers on your dining table, plus more loads more expert advice.

Read the full interview below…

If you’re looking to buy fresh flowers for their fragrance, what are the best ones to go for?

What most people are buying nowadays is Tuberose. The fragrance is really beautiful and it’s come back in vogue again. It was really cool in the 70s & 80s, it had a pause and now Tuberose is back again. We’re using it in a lot in our bouquet designs because it just adds quite a heady romantic fragrance to a lot of our designs.

Can you place flowers directly on a window sill? 

You can if your window sill doesn’t have loads of direct sunlight. If it does, what will happen is the sunlight will slowly evaporate all the water out of the stems killing the flowers. The safer option is to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Dare we ask, what is your view on artificial flowers? Can you mix and match?

I actually don’t hate artificial flowers! We work with Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart and she sells some lovely artificial flowers in her shop.

What they tend to do is mimic branches and things you would find in a forest, or something that looks really wild, so it’s not trying to mimic the actual petals of a daisy, a peony or a rose, those types of fake flowers can look a bit naff.

What’s the best way to display flowers on a dining table?

There are a few different ways you can do it. If you’re using flowers at a massive dinner party and you’re seating loads of people around a table, use quite low vases or low posy bottles so that people can see each other across the table. If it’s just you in the house and you’re not having people round, then a really tall vase with a mix of flowers and branches and things you can just pluck out of the garden looks really lovely.

What are your top tips on making flowers last longer?

If you want to keep your flowers for quite a long time – then change your water every day!

What most people do is they add the flower food, they trim their stems, pop them in water and then leave them for a week. That’s fine, but they’ll last about a week. If you want to extend their life to two, possibly three weeks, then change the water every day. Give them a trim (again) so the water comes back up into the stem, and keep them in a cool space out of direct sunlight. That’s really the best advice!

What are the three essential vases everyone should own? 

First up, is just a tall slender vase. They’re really good if you just go out into the back yard and you want to find branches, or just some bits from the garden and pop them in.

Secondly, is a simple jug, which everyone has at home, some sort of pitcher. You can use it for water, and you can use it for flowers!

And finally, the third is a pickle jar. We sell these with our hand tied bouquets on our website. It’s just got a really nice shape; it nips in at the waist of the bouquet and gives flowers a really beautiful structure. If you have a giant pickle jar at home, then you’re set for life!

Sara was interviewed on our Snowdrop sofa

Our Snowdrop is modelled on a classic English design and offers a more refined frame, with a fixed cushion back, which brings elegance and style to any space upon its tall tapered legs. Be sure to check out the live interview below:

Finally, don’t miss out on episode 3 in our ‘Meet the ‘Expert’ series. Next time My Bespoke Room will be talking to Joa Studholme, Colour Curator at Farrow & Ball, to chat about what colours are on trend, the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to paint and whether it’s worth paying more for the premium brand…

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