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Mastering bedroom interiors with… This Style Rocks

If you’re looking for interior inspiration from real homes, you may not need to look much further these days than on Instagram.  Many interior enthusiasts are stepping away from neutral colour palettes and filling their little squares with bold, bright colours as well as moody, mysterious darker hues. 

Someone whose feed who we love to see and is packed with aspirational interiors  is @thisstyle_rocks, known as Amy to her friends and family! Co-founder of interiors club ‘No House Rules‘, the proud Northerner has an enviable home style after undertaking a 7-year project to transform her family abode which she shares daily with her 20k + followers. 

We recently caught up with Amy to talk about her distinctive style and how she has used our Audrey bed to turn her master bedroom into her dream sanctuary. 

We love your interior style, beautifully showcased on your Instagram @thisstyle_rocks. How would you describe your interior style?

Thank you! I think my style is eclectic & brave. It is a mix of statement pieces, strong colour choices and lots of layers of detail and texture.

The Audrey king sized bed in Prussian Blue pure cotton matt velvet

Where do you look for interior inspiration?

Well Instagram, of course, is my favourite source of inspiration- there are so many talented people out there with exciting ideas for making their home original. Pinterest is also great but you need to have a starting point or general direction in mind otherwise you can lose hours of your life (no bad thing) scrolling.

I still subscribe to Elle Decor & Living Etc which I enjoy perusing over a cuppa in an increasingly rare spare 5 minutes.

You have recently completed the renovation of your master bedroom. What were your main goals for this room?

To create a total escape- a sanctuary for me and my man from Yorkshire (husband ) to escape to. It needed to feel luxurious and somewhere I would enjoy spending time and perusing my other passion for fashion. I wanted a touch of the hotel vibe as I am a hotel junkie so now i get to check into my own bedroom.

What are your top three tips to consider when redecorating a bedroom from scratch? 

1 – Think about expanding your space beyond just a sleeping zone. Consider how else you would like to spend time in there- getting dressed, taking 5 mins with your favourite magazine or even a siesta? I have never achieved the siesta but one day when I grow up perhaps!

2 – Invest in a good bed and mattress- do not hesitate this should be your greatest investment in the bedroom! I know it sounds ridiculous to point it out but sleeping is the most important thing you do and a good bed and mattress will transform your life.

3 – Consider trying to find a small space for a chair, footstool or ottoman. We are lucky enough to have the space for an incredible Yellow velvet oyster chair in the window but even a small perching point in the window or a corner with a lamp and side table will elevate your bedroom to hotel-style status instantly.

You have chosen our beautiful Audrey bed in Prussian blue cotton matt velvet – what drew you to this distinctive style?

I knew the moment I saw the Audrey that it was the bed for me. I spotted it on Pinterest and hunted it down. I have always been a huge fan of velvet and the drama of this bed was perfect for our dark and luxurious bedroom scheme. The style of the headboard was so very inviting- the way it curves around to almost embrace us as we sleep is a particular highlight

How did you decide on your colour palette for the styling of your bedroom?

I am a great fan of dark paints and this bedroom with its high ceilings and large sunny windows lends itself perfectly to this palette. I have used Farrow & Ball paints throughout the house and love the richness they create. The dark studio green is complimented by the punchy turquoise of ‘Vardo’. But the game changer for me in this room is the yellow. Yellow is hands down my favourite colour- it is warm and punchy and the perfect accent to the dark colours.

Will you update the look of this room as the seasons change at all?

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to change the ‘look’ of the bedroom is with cushions and bedding. Perhaps in the winter time I will look at introducing some more of the dark greens and no doubt a few more blankets and sheepskins will be used to style the bed.

What advice would you give someone who loves dark interiors but still wants to create a comforting space (which you do so well!)?

Embrace dark- you will not regret it. Regardless of whether your space is small or large, dark or light – the room will instantly feel cosier and luxurious. Darks are the new neutrals because so many colours sing when placed against darker shades. If you are nervous try starting with a ceiling in dark or dark woodwork or just one wall but do not be afraid- it is only paint!

You’re a co-founder of ‘No House Rules’ – what do you offer other interior lovers?

Along with fellow Yorkshire Instagrammer @comedowntothewoods we have created the UK’s coolest Interiors club designed to bring together interior enthusiasts like us with the brands they love. We create awesome events in the North of the UK and beyond (due to demand). We collaborate with brands to bring our members exclusive discounts and we generally share our love and knowledge of all things interiors through our workshops and podcasts. Please check out for further details.

Do you have more home renovations planned?

Not at the moment as we are enjoying a breather after 7 years of constant updates and projects. Of course I can never sit still for long so watch this space!

Thank you, Amy! 

To see more of Amy’s outstanding home and interior style, you can follow her at @thisstyle_rocks and of course, don’t forget to follow @sofadotcom for a daily dose of interior inspiration. 

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