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How to Make Your Home a Haven

Some homes have just ‘got it’, don’t they?

You walk in and instantly feel warm, carefree. As if by magic, your worries don’t feel quite as insurmountable as they did 5 minutes ago when you were trudging up the busy high street in the rain. 

But what is it that makes a home a haven? Is it the decor? The ornaments? The lighting?

Well, all of the above. But it’s the character and personality you imbue it with, too.

Your home is a representation of who you are. You’ve got to embrace your space, then own it. And in a turbulent world of fake news, climate change and divisive politics, it’s more important than ever to have a sanctuary, somewhere safe and cosy to revitalise, whether in private or with loved ones.

Here at, we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about homemaking over the years, so our new collection was designed with this in mind, with sink-into pieces, perfect to snuggle down on with a great book or to just watch that crazy world go by, steaming cuppa close at hand.

To create your very own haven at home, here are our most sacred nuggets of wisdom.

Cultivate cosiness

We’ve all done it. You walk into your friend’s house and the words emanate from you before you’ve realised: “Oh, this is cosy!”

But what does the word really mean? And why do guests go gaga for a snug little nook?

It doesn’t matter how large or small the space itself actually is. A cosy room is warm, safe, secure. And the key to achieving that is softness.

Take your living room for example. It’s the heart of the home, the social hub, the go-to spot for TV, natters and the kids’ school dance routines. It’s where family and guests alike spend most time, so comfort is paramount.

Now look, we get it. Parting with that ‘seen better days’ chaise longue that’s followed you hither and yon since the ’90s can be heart-rending. But after tearily bidding it a final adieu, recognise this as an opportunity. A cosy living room wouldn’t be complete without a cosy sofa or armchair, one that’s dangerously soft, decadently plush and plumper than a partridge at Christmas. The key to cosiness is creating a space that is just for you, somewhere to unwind and be yourself. Dress your seating with some scatter cushions and a generous throw blanket and you’ll find yourself ensconced in that novel for hours on end. 

There’s no style like your own

Perhaps the most vital ingredient that differentiates a house from a home is personality A house is the bricks-and-mortar lifeline that protects you from the elements – but what sets apart a home – that little sparkle that makes you feel welcome even when you don’t live there – is when a house has blossomed into an extension of the owner’s character. These people allow their personality to shine, to resonate throughout the entire space, reaching ever surface, touching every object, until the whole house is brimming with life.

Whether you’re a stamp collector, an antiques aficionado, or a crockery connoisseur, never hide away your interests in a locked cupboard. Adorn your bookshelves with what interests you. Bestrew your mantelpieces with what you find beautiful, be it vintage plates, abstract paintings or your old record collection from yesteryear. Hang photos of friends and family here, there and everywhere, and you’ll never be too far from love and happiness. Create a space in which you feel stimulated and proud – then harness that positivity as you head out into the world every morning. 

Let the colours burst!

A splash of crimson here, a generous wave of navy there. Whether it’s new wallpaper, sumptuous upholstery or a good old-fashioned paint job, introducing a myriad of hues from your palette is a surefire way of imbuing your entire home with a sense of harmony and life. After all, we see enough grey as it is in the UK! 

Tidy house, tidy mind

Design decisions are primarily founded in aesthetics, but aesthetics don’t count for much when your home is overflowing with clutter. It’s great to place that newly restored grandfather clock slap bang in the centre of the hall, but it’s not much good if it means the shoe rack’s now wedging the front door shut. Invest in stylish storage to hide away the mess and return your stress levels to basecamp!

Cultivate scent

Most homeowners are so preoccupied with the visual aesthetic of their house that they forget to tap into another sensorial dimension entirely. Smell is arguably the most powerful human sense when it comes to making memories and crafting a truly distinctive and cosy environment, so go ahead and indulge! Bake bread. Splash out on some fragrant candles. Treat yourself to aromatic laundry powder. Get every room smelling divine and your home will be a haven in no time at all. 

Bring the outdoors in

 The love of nature and all things green and organic is built into our DNA, so use that to full advantage to create an oasis of calm! There’s simply no substitute for the fresh ambience of cut flowers, the presence of pinecones in a bowl, and a windowsill alive with foliage. 

Lights ain’t just for seeing

Insufficient or overbearing lighting is one of the most uninviting characteristics your home could possibly have. Avoid bright white lights, instead nurturing warm and temperate shades of relaxing yellow. Top tip: lowering the height of your lights will work wonders when it comes to enhancing a room’s cosiness.

Haven is a place on earth

The finest compliment you could ever receive about your home?

“This place is so you”.

If you feel truly, sincerely at ease in your own home, others will follow. By setting small goals and effecting simple changes throughout your house, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can cultivate a home you’re proud of and that leaves you with room to grow – both literally and figuratively. Haven isn’t as far away as you might think.

…And remember, we love to see how you’ve crafted your very own home with our sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories. Share your #sofadotcom haven with us on Instagram and you might just end up in one of our editorials. 


  1. Lorraine Anderson

    I visited the Glasgow store last year and bought several items of furniture. It was not straightforward however the staff in store were excellent and even provided me with sofas until my order was ready. The delivery guys from London were great and I am very pleased with my purchase. It was obvious Calum and all the staff have had good customer training and sorely lacking in other retailers. Would most definitely recommend .


      Hi Lorraine, thank you for your lovely feedback! So glad to hear our teams were able to help you and provide great service.

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