The secret to a better night’s sleep: an expert’s guide

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As the NHS reveals that 1 in 3 adults suffer from poor sleep and the Mental Health Foundation claims that 48% of UK adults admit sleeping badly has a negative impact on their mental health, there’s never been a more important time to invest in a good night’s rest.

From finding the perfect mattress to mindful night-time routines, we turned to the sleep experts to uncover the secret to a good night’s sleep. With over 100 years of insight into the art of bed-making, luxury British bed manufacturer and sleep brand Hypnos are experts in handcrafting a perfect night’s rest.

With the National Sleep Foundation celebrating quality sleep, sound mind, and a happy world for Sleep Awareness Week 2022, Hypnos Marketing Manager Amanda Castle takes us through the A to Zzzs to a dreamy sleep and how we can improve our mental wellbeing with some small changes to your bedtime habits.

Why is a good night’s sleep so important?

At Hypnos, we’ve been hand-crafting mattresses and beds for over 100 years and are passionate about ensuring everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep, sustainably.

Sleep helps keep us healthy, recharging our mind and body to ensure we are happy and content. It also aids in healing and managing stress.  There are a number of things we can all do to optimise our wellbeing through sleep.

A bed-time routine isn’t just for children, it’s important for adults too.  If we embrace a routine and behaviours before bed, we give our minds and bodies cues to prepare and slow down for sleep. 

Leave a few hours between sleep and exercise or eating a meal and turn off the tech so you’re not distracted by noise and notifications. The blue light mobiles and tablets produce can also disrupt the creation of melatonin, which helps the body to sleep. 

Alcohol also disturbs our sleep and caffeine is a stimulant, so are best avoided. Mentally, it’s about calming the mind, so by keeping your bedroom clear of clutter and mess and reserving this space for sleep ensures there’s a clear boundary between the day’s activity and our precious zzz’s.

Sleeping sustainably

Many of us are also now looking to be more sustainable with our choices and sleep is no exception. A sustainable mindset can help you sleep better by improving your environment to be happy, healthy, and green.

Here at Hypnos, we are passionate about offering comfort with integrity, which is how, over a decade ago, we became the first carbon neutral bed maker in the world and place transparent and responsible sourcing at the heart of our supply chain.  That’s why we are proud to use traceable, natural and sustainable materials in our beds.

For example, we work closely with our partners including Red Tractor, The Woolkeepers®, Better Cotton and CottonConnect, to ensure we use fibres that better support local communities and the environment in which they’re grown, by encouraging more sustainable practises.

Listen to the experts

We handcraft premium beds and mattresses for homes, hotels and palaces all over the world, and work closely with our resident sleep specialist, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier [MSC, MBCT, D.CHyp, MNCH, DHybKG, Reg CNHC], to provide our customers with further advice on how to improve all aspects of their sleep naturally.

Natalie emphasises the importance of relaxing your mind and body when it comes to optimising sleep health. She advises supporting your journey into sleep by focussing your senses on the action and frequency of your breathing, which helps to slow your heart rate and starts the natural sleep process.

She recommends paying attention to each breath coming in and out of the body, noticing the pause in between each one and imagining the lungs filling up in their entirety. This stimulates the parasympathetic nerves, which regulates our body’s unconscious reactions – in other words, your heart rate starts to slow and energy is conserved as calming hormones are produced, helping to reduce blood pressure.

Her RISE technique also offers a simple sleep routine that’s suitable for all, consisting of some natural everyday practices that can help you to manage your sleep wellbeing.

Reinforce your natural circadian rhythm that regulates your sleep/wake cycle by waking up at a fixed time every day, to leave you feeling energised and keep your digestive and metabolism in balance.

Invite light into your room by throwing the curtains wide or rolling blinds up as soon as possible in the morning, as this is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality and overall wellbeing.

Spend time outside each day as just five minutes could have a profound effect on your mental health, making it easier to wind down at night.

And finally, Embrace dusk light by going for a short evening walk, and then reducing the light levels inside, to help improve your sleeping patterns.

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