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how to: style blush pink

There's been a lot of buzz in design circles around blush pinks in interiors this year, and it's a trend that we are really excited about. Many people choose to avoid pink altogether in fear that they will create something similar to Barbie's Dreamhouse, but opting for pinks on the earthier end of the palette will ensure you use a colour that is subtle yet has some warmth. Read on for our tips on how to style blush pink in your home.

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use it as a neutral

Pink may not be the first colour that springs to mind when thinking of neutral shades for your home. But pastel and blush pinks could be just the thing for someone looking to break the mould slightly. Using the colour as a neutral means that pink isn't the main focus of these rooms but still provide a colourful alternative to greys and beiges. You just can't go wrong with a daybed and similar model to the below can be found here >.


[photo credit: Sheerluxe]


The St Germain bed in Rose house viscose linen, £940

let it stand out

This dusty pink sofa looks beautiful set against the stylish monochrome background. The vibrant pop of pink injects so much personality and life into this room. It's not just us that love this look though - the little pup seems to approve too!


[photo credit: regardsetmaisons]

This more sombre pink shade is just as lovely. The subtle blush colour contrasts beautifully with the white door frame as well as the black and white floor tiles. Imagine welcoming your guests through this dreamy doorway!


[photo credit: pomepli]

pink with grey

We're sure you're well acquainted with pink's trusty companion - grey. If you're looking for a way to warm up a grey space, why not consider a blush pink? The two colours work really well together and a simple grey prevents the look from becoming overly feminine.

sheerluxe bed

[photo credit: Sheerluxe]

We chose to style our blush coloured Whitby sofa with grey toned scatter cushions and blinds which worked a real treat. The rather traditional space is transformed into a more modern setting by just adding a neutral toned pink.


The Whitby sofa in Blush pure Belgian linen, £2,220

pink's close cousin: copper

If you're still not quite convinced by the pink trend, take a look at some copper themed interiors. Copper and brass have been popular in design circles for quite some time now as their earthy tones suit a number of settings, and their metallic finish adds some pizzazz to any room.


 [photo credit: Bloglovin']

Start with some small touches, like these cute little copper candles, to add some character to your home.


[photo credit: Marie Claire Maison]


If you'd like some free samples of some of our favourite pink fabrics, simply click here >

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