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Interior Design Trends 2022: Dopamine décor

Hitting international fashion week, dopamine dressing has brightened up the SS22 season with bold, juicy colours and zingy shades. Pairing brightly coloured clothes to uplift the spirits and spark joy, dopamine dressing is wellness in style, but it’s not just the fashion world that is experiencing a big mood-boost. Hitting the world of interiors, dopamine décor is the latest trend embraces the attitude that more is always more.

Dedicated to whatever makes you feel good, delving into colour, pattern, and positive prints may be the antidote to those post-holiday blues. Hot pinks, jewel blues, fiery oranges, golden yellows, there’s no rulebook when it comes to finding colours that make your heart soar.

New to the trend? Introduce bold geometric rug, printed cushions, playful vases or abstract art prints for a small dose of dopamine that has a big impact on your wellbeing. Fun and flirty accessories in a joyous cocktail of colours are an easy way to add vibrancy and energy to your living space. Bring in one or two designs and continue to add to the colours of the rainbow until your spirits are instantly elevated as soon as you step through the door.

However for the bold and the brave, there are endless opportunities to get creative with brightly coloured homeware…

Opting for brightly coloured velvets for a bold sofa statement, pair with striking wall paints and pastel decorations for a beautiful balance between the serene and the spectacular. Orange is ideal for living room schemes due to its uplifting qualities. Red hues can work perfectly in kitchen spaces as it can keep you energised while cooking up a storm in the kitchen. And don’t be fooled in thinking that dopamine décor is reserved for the vivid and the brilliant. Blue shades for the bedroom are perfect for bringing calm and tranquillity for those moments of repose.

Completing the space with patterned wallpaper, lamp shades, and a variety of feel-good textures, creating your own personal sanctuary of happiness is full of options to be fabulously flamboyant as well as having a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

Building up a colour wheel of strong shades can seem overwhelming. But when it comes to embracing the dopamine décor interior trend, the main takeaway is investing in all the colours that energise you and make you happy.

Interior designer, stylist, and journalist Sophie Robinson explains, “Colour is such a personal thing and this is why the psychology of colour is so important. Colour causes emotion. It’s energy light waves that hit our retina, send signals to the brain and boom. We feel it. But… and here’s the exciting part, we don’t all feel it in the same way. For example, blue is typically considered by most people to be calming as it’s the colour of calm oceans and expansive skies. But some people just don’t like blue in their interior environments. This is why it’s so important to listen to your own instincts when it comes to picking the colours that you surround yourself with.”

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