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How to live in splendour – Interior Design Trends 2022

Gold sofa with white marble top coffee table in white living room

Spring. A time for renewal, vivid colour, lighter nights and even brighter days. Bringing the energy of a fresh season through interior design is something long established by designers. From feng shui to lykke and lagom, creating a space that uplifts us and make us feel at ease can be easily achieved with a few styling tricks.

This season we’re injecting nothing but happy, optimistic, and warm energy into our homes. Through flexible living spaces, curved and sculptural forms, and eclectic combinations, we’ve gathered the biggest trends for the upcoming year, as predicted by experts in the industry.

Reimagine your living space

Optimise your space without compromising on sumptuous bedtime solutions for your overnight guests. Our new Larsen sofa bed pairs Scandi style with sleeping luxury

As we approach another year living with COVID-19 and hybrid working, our interior spaces continue to work harder for us. Our homes are having to adapt to flexible working schedules, everyday living, and social occasions, ensuring we are making the most out of our space and that it is as functional as it is beautiful.

It is no surprise, therefore, that experts predict a rise in popularity for sofa beds and flexible office furniture. We are no longer compartmentalising our homes, but rather increasing the flow of a room through double duty furniture that can adapt throughout our day and are harmonious with the overall interior style of the space.

Investing in office pieces that are comfortable, attractive, and provide ample storage so that you can transform your home from a place of productivity to a sanctuary for you to rest will be big for 2022.

Boucle desk chair with dark grey desk in a home office

Create spaces that bring joy back into your home by selecting intriguing pieces that add style to your space from day to night, just like our new Hans desk with its abstract angles, and our Lupin chair with its streamlined curves

Curved forms

Turquoise curved cocktail chair next to chrome accent table

Full of art deco glamour, our new Edie armchairs create the perfect space to curl into for an evening of conversation and cocktails with friends and family

Last season, our homes gravitated towards more curvaceous, cocooning shapes to help create a cosy environment we could take shelter in during the winter months. This season, our love for curved lines and smooth contours continues to promote a friendly and welcoming space that you can enjoy with friends and family.

While straight lines and definitive edges delimit and mark out a space, curves create the illusion of a free-flowing room, giving you greater freedom to add your personal touch and individual flair in its styling.

As we reunite with loved ones, opting for curvy furniture and accessories not only provides unparalleled comfort and an inviting ambience, but softens your space, providing the appearance of a larger interior.

Pink curved bar stool in modern kitchen

With its padded back support and modernist silhouette, our new Fonda dining chairs and bar stools provide the best seat in the house for all occasions

Sociable family living styles

White corner sofa in Scandi living room

Introduce statement shapes made to stretch out and squeeze on. Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or hosting get-togethers with old friends, choosing adaptable designs such as our new Oswald corner sofa is set to be one of this year’s biggest trends

With the ending of domestic COVID restrictions in England, the possibilities of reunions, celebrations, and fun times with friends and family are well within our reach. This season, our homes are embracing the opportunities to meet and interact in person and reviving our interior space as a sociable hub.

One of the biggest trends we’ll see in homes this year will be pieces that enable and enrich quality time with those close to us. Smart, comfortable designs that have space for everyone to enjoy will be incorporated within the home to create a sociable hub for those joyous summer nights.

Pink cocktail chair with pleated seams next to lazy susan cocktail table

This season, invest in smart designs that can adapt to any social occasion, such as our new Astrid dining and cocktail table, with its lazy Susan centre, and Ariel swivel chairs

Mix & match materials and designs

A contemporary take on traditional design, our new Chester sofa and Phoenix armchair combine classic and modish style to create a space that is distinctive yet homely

Making home feel like home by having a unique collection and combination of designs, materials, and styles is leading to a rise in eclectic home interiors. Combining wood, boucle, metal, stone, and textured fabrics in a single space makes each material special and intriguing to the eye. Gone are the days for an all-white, minimal colour scheme and in its place emerges a maximalist scheme which celebrates the unique quirks of the homeowner.

Unexpected combinations and eclectic interior designs in the same place are similarly set to gain in prominence. Pairing modern with traditional, contemporary with kitsch, the antique with a new-found retro, creates a space that celebrates and breathes new life into design trends of the past, establishing a sense of comfort and familiarity as we head into an unexpected year.

Sleep sanctuary

Wooden textured bed frame next to wooden chest of drawers

Invest in pieces that help create a calm, tranquil environment with plenty of style, just like our new Amalfi and Sorrento chest of drawers

Slowly but surely our homes are returning from the temporary makeshift solutions made in the wake of the pandemic to a space we can relax and unwind, and this is no more true than for our bedrooms. This year we are reclaiming our bedrooms as the sanctuary it should be.

With a focus on natural fabrics, textures, and materials, we’re adding hotel luxury to our sleep spaces. Bedrooms are not just functional spaces but an opportunity to create a world away from the rest of our busy households. Opting for good storage solutions and beautiful bedroom designs that guarantee a restful night and energised morning will be central to making this year revitalised, healthy, and happy.

Nature-inspired design

Indulge in pieces that bring the tranquillity of nature into your home, such as our Betty in Olive cotton matt velvet or our brand-new Chester armchair, with its beautiful wooden frame and organic textures such as our Alpaca textured boucle

Our love for all things green is continuing to grow strong this upcoming season. With many of us desiring to be uplifted and energised while staying balanced, introducing green and terracotta tones, organic materials, and leafy plants indoors will continue to rise in popularity across our homes.

Nature-inspired accessories, natural surfaces, and earthy colour palettes, strengthen your connection to the outside world by luxuriating in the calming tones of green upholstery, beautifully wooden frames, and prints that represent the beauty of changing landscapes.