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2021 Interior Trends: Japandi style homes

2020 was the year of unexpected challenges, and one which many of us were looking forward to seeing the end of. With a new year comes a fresh outlook, new opportunities and – the most exciting part – new interior trends! We couldn’t wait to get started, so we took a look at one of the top interior trends set for 2021 – read on to discover all about Japandi interior style, and how to achieve the Japandi look in your home.

What is Japandi interior design?

Whilst Japan and Scandinavia are thousands of miles apart in physical distance, their similarities in terms of interior design and lifestyle are much more closely connected than you may think, and in recent months have led to the rise in ‘Japandi’ aesthetic in homes across the world – with key features including minimalism, neutral tones, sleek lines and natural textures. Scandi inspired interiors are known for their cosy, rustic style, using layers of neutral tones and natural textures to create a place that feels calm and complete. The timeless Japanese interior style similarly involves the use of natural materials and neutral, off-white tones, and is extremely minimalist – everything in the room has a specific use. Combine these two interior styles, and the result is Japandi!

The key feature of Japandi, or Japanordic style is simplicity – creating spaces that are functional, but without the extra clutter. By paring back your interiors and using neutral colours and natural textures, the result is a calming space, where you can truly switch off from the outside world.

@designledstudio have created an incredible space featuring our Long Island sofa, using simple, natural textures and ensuring everything has a purpose

How to achieve the Japandi look in your home

Choose simplistic furniture designs

To achieve the Japandi look, think about the shapes of your furniture. Opt for sleek lines made by skilled craftsmen, with soft edges where desired, and combine these features with natural materials, such as different shades of wood and neutral linens, or leathers and even concrete. Both cultures have an appreciation for craftmenship and products that are made with care to last a lifetime. Choosing furniture with slim lines and sleek legs is a great way to give the illusion of more space, which allows the room to feel more open, calm and in order.

The sleek lines of our Izzy corner sofa, upholstered in Dove grey smart velvet, create a clean, minimalist look.

Opt for neutral tones

A key feature of Japandi interiors is being able to create a sanctuary in your home. One of the best ways to do this is to use neutral tones that have a serene, calming feel to them. Opt for cool grey hues, and combine them with comforting taupe shades, with crisp fresh white accessories to complete the look. 

Jeska (@lobsterandswan) has created a gorgeous Japandi- style space to relax in, upholstering our Izzy sofa in Canvas pure Belgian linen, natural materials and layers of texture.

Welcome nature

Both Japanese and Scandinavian lifestyles value nature, and recognise its importance within  the home, so bear this in mind when considering furnishing materials – natural linens and cottons for upholstery, with wooden legs and other natural accessories are a great way to bring Japandi influence into your home. Never underestimate the benefit of some luscious green foliage, or even dried flowers instead of perhaps bright and colourful freshly-cut flowers. 

Adding fresh green plants to a room full of neutral tones is the perfect way to bring it to life, while maintaining the simplicity that is key in Japandi style

Declutter your interiors

Take a look at your surroundings – does everything in the room have a purpose? Step closer to uncluttering your home, and as a result it will feel like a much calmer environment to live in.

@samanthajonesathome has created the perfect Japandi space, and the subtle addition of cherry blossom and pink hues from the cushions adds a hint of warmth to the room.

Get inspired and create your very own Japandi sanctuary

1: Costello Footstool in Charcoal brushed linen cotton, 2: Izzy 2.5 Seat sofa in Canvas pure Belgian linen, 3: Wonder drum ceiling shade, 4: House scatter cushion in Blush pure Belgian linen and Scatter cushion in Tamsyn Gambell Aztec, 5: Kingsley dining bench