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2021 Interior Trends: Cottagecore

One of the latest interior trends that we’ve seen emerging in recent months is Cottagecore. Driven by nostalgia and the craving for a slower pace of life, Cottagecore is all about creating a beautiful home interior reminiscent of a simple cottage in the old English countryside. From warm, earthy tones, to natural materials and layers of cosiness and comfort, we delve into how to create the Cottagecore look at home.

We love this cosy cottage, courtesy of @snugretreats. Image credit: @fwalkerarnottphotography

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is all about the rural idyll, living amongst the wilderness and embracing a slow-paced style of life. From growing your own produce, to enjoying the outdoors, and taking time to appreciate what is around you, Cottagecore is related to the nostalgia of our youth and that feeling of freedom. This dream of living a simple, relatively self-sufficient life in the countryside is something that started to become an ideal for many people living in small apartments in big cities over the first lockdown, resulting in lots of us looking at ways of introducing rural values into our lifestyles and surroundings.

Our Bluebell armchair in Frost Highland Tweed looks extra inviting next to the fire at @the_indigo_house

How to introduce Cottagecore into your home

So how do we translate this feeling of the rural idyll and simplicity of the comfort of home into our interiors?  Cottagecore is very much a need to surround yourself with beauty. From the desire to be at one with nature to putting value on handcrafted, beautiful items that last a lifetime and have a story to tell, Cottagecore embraces the traditional and evokes the style of quintessential English country cottages.

The Blush pure Belgian Linen on our  Snowdrop button back armchair, combined with fresh flowers and handmade bunting create the perfect corner at @homebytheloch

Simple Colour Palettes

To create your very own cottage-inspired interiors, opt for warm earthy tones reminiscent of the outdoors. From subtle terracottas and soft taupes, to sky blues and rose pinks, these nature-inspired hues will help you create a home that feels like your very own blissful sanctuary. Try to avoid harsh or artificial colours, as these can take away from the tranquil environment you’re trying to create.

Emphasise this simple colour palette with natural fabrics and materials. Look for brushed cottons and linens for your upholstered furniture, embrace texture with cosy knitted wool blankets and opt for rustic wooden accent pieces to really bring the Cottagecore aesthetic to life.

Layers of textured cushions and a soft woollen throw upon our Bluebell sofa make @designermumetc‘s home the epitome of cottagecore comfort

At One with Nature

The importance of nature is not something to be ignored, especially when trying to recreate the rural idyll of a country cottage. Bring your home to life by including elements such as fresh meadow blooms, but also consider dried flowers and herbs, as well as other foraged treasures such as branches which are perfect for hanging decorations from. Floral prints is another key element in the Cottagecore trend, which can be introduced through soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, or even wallpaper, paintings and wall hangings. Don’t be afraid to layer different floral prints in your space – you want your interiors to feel eclectic, lived in and curated over time.

The simplicity of dried flowers or foliage can transform a space, shown beautifully by @thelittlestonecottage

Mixing Old and New

Probably the most essential feature of Cottagecore, is the whimsical and nostalgic feeling it evokes – much like visiting our parents and grandparents homes, it’s a comfort blanket of simpler and more secure times. A key feature of Cottagecore style interiors is the idea of having pieces in your home that are there not only for their use, but also for the feelings they evoke. Layer the details in your home by combining both new, vintage and antique pieces to ensure your space is full of character. From pots and plates, to vases and furniture, mixing and matching old and new accessories is the perfect way to create that old country kitchen feeling, reminiscent of cosy countryside cottages.  

@hillhousevintage knows all about the importance of vintage and new pieces to create a cosy home in the English countryside