Interior Design Tips

How to elevate your everyday: 4 Interior Design Tips

The crisp of autumn leaves and the crackling of logs are soon to make a reappearance as we catch up with friends over a hot cup of spiced mulled wine on the twists and turns of this year. As we turn to hibernate into our homes and snuggle ourselves away from the cold, making sure your interior space is haven of comfort and style has never been more important.

This season, create a home that encourages some well-deserved, guilt-free “Me Time”. Indulge in luxurious fabrics and styles and wrap yourself up in complete comfortable bliss – you deserve it after, let’s face it, a pretty tumultuous year.

Curves for comfort

Our new Cohen modular sofa in Royal Fern is the epitome of curvalicious design and @agi_at_59 has flawlessly incorporated curved furniture into her home through our Ernest Swivel armchair to create a snug spot

Finding a cosy spot to laze away the evenings in perfect contentment is key when it comes to furnishing your home. Enter cocooning furniture…

Curvilinear lines that contour to your body is up-and-coming when it comes to comfort. Whether you’re sat at the dinner table, lounging before the fire, or cosying up in bed, investing in furniture with a curvaceous shape brings contemporary style into your space, as well as enhancing your relaxation experience. Its sleek, understated elegance is perfect for adding the luxe factor into your home.

What’s more, procuring ergonomically designed pieces, with features such as lumbar support, help to ensure you’re lounging in complete luxury. Indulging in sofasarmchairsbeds, or dining chairs designed with your body’s ultimate comfort in mind is perfect in elevating your everyday.

Tantalise with tactile textures

Introduce layers of textured fabrics to make your space a cosy sanctuary like @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa who beautifully pairs her Audrey bed in Butterscotch with a chunky knit mauve blanket, or add a little bit of luxury with our brand new luxe boucle fabric, shown here on our cocooning new Ginger armchair

Comfort isn’t just about sumptuous seats and cloud-like mattresses, but also layers of beautiful texture. As we wave goodbye to summertime silks and sheen fabrics, say hello to the soft curls of boucle, wool, and chenille. Whether you choose a piece of furniture entirely upholstered in textured weaves and linens, or introduce sumptuous accessories such as sheepskin throws, wool blankets and textured scatter cushions into your home – these cosy, tactile fabrics offer a sense of indulgence.

Another way to introduce warmth into your interior space is through beautifully decorative, textured wooden pieces. Wooden panelling and grooves add a certain allure and luxury to your space. Combine the simple beauty and timeless appeal of wooden furnishings with the cosy opulence of textured designs to make your home a snug sanctuary.

Make the most out of your space

Make your space work for you by indulging in chic multifunctional pieces, specifically designed with modern living in mind, such as our new Astaire modular coffee table set in Spiced Honey or the Teddy sofa bed in Blush, just like @kylamagrathinteriors

As home increasingly becomes a place where you work as well as play, it’s important to select furnishings that utilise the space to its full potential. Dual-purpose furniture and sleek, minimal designs help maximise your interiors and make the space work for you, whether that be creating a productive environment or somewhere friends and family can come together.

Get inspired by the Japandi aesthetic, which combines the functional with the beautiful. This design trend is perfect for modern living, filling the need for multifunctionality with personality, flair, and luxurious comfort.

And don’t let the fun stop with sofa beds! There’s lots of ways to include smart, versatile furniture. From coffee tables that double up as extra seating to WFH set ups that stylishly store away your work for day, reimagine the way in which you furnish your home by choosing clever, chic designs.

Bring nature indoors

Create an interior inspired by the soothing tranquillity of the great outdoors through wonderfully warm wooden details and relaxing hues with pieces such as our elegant and extendable new Aspen dining table or the Teddy sofa in Royal Fern, as fabulously styled by @oldhouseourhome

Connect with the calming tranquillity of nature and the sense of wellness it brings through biophilic design. Designing an interior inspired by the outdoors isn’t simply limited to purchasing a plethora of plants (although it never hurts!). Incorporating a natural, neutral colour scheme into your home is set to be this season’s upcoming home decor trend. Not only do shades of warm white, beige, and olive-green help to create a calm and soothing environment, with Dulux’s colour of the year Brave Ground being the key colour for Autumn/Winter 21, but it keeps your interiors feeling light and bright as we head into the winter months.

To help breathe warmth into your home, try introducing some beautiful wooden pieces to establish a cosy and snug atmosphere. The luxurious and warm qualities of dark oak allow your home to appear contemporary without feeling cold and uninviting, creating that gorgeous Japandi aesthetic that cleanses and revitalises your interior space.

Be bold with your accessories

Elevate your everyday by including bold, glamorous accessories such as our new Tom Dixon Melt Pendant in Smoke, Tom Dixon Beat Floor Lamp in Brass and Coastal Goals print (from left to right)

Embracing beautiful simplicity and minimalist interior designs doesn’t mean you need to compromise on personality. Introducing statement pieces, such as bold lighting fixtures, sumptuous rugs, or striking artwork into your home adds luxury as well as expressing your individual style.

Add personal touches of flair through the addition of eye-catching home accessories to create a confident aesthetic that draws your eye to a certain space or feature in your room. These simple details go a long way in elevating your everyday and providing you with some well-earned glamour.