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How to dress a bed for autumn and winter: styling tips from Piglet in Bed

Effortlessly tussled sheets and perfectly imperfect “thrown-on” duvet covers, our Instagram feeds have been full of beautifully relaxed bedrooms that make us want to snuggle in and hibernate against the crisp autumn chill.

Taking us through the beauty of linen and how to dress your bed this season, luxury bedding brand Piglet in Bed provide insider design tips on how to indulge in an autumn bedroom romance.

Is it just us or does Autumn become more and more romanticized each year? Pumpkin spiced lattes, richly-scented candles on every surface, tiny pumpkins on mantle pieces, and wool-lined shoes are hard to avoid. Personally speaking, we are all here for it. Autumn’s romanticism is the only thing that can make us willing to accept the end of the summer months. Speak to us in January and February and things may be looking very different, so for now we are choosing to embrace this most nostalgic of seasons with open arms. 

When it comes to your home and the onset of dark nights and chilly mornings, your efforts, and styling choices, should go towards creating a warm cocoon. While summer has us longing for light, airy and open spaces with minimal layering and lots of natural light, autumn is all about turning up the cosy-factor.

No doubt, your bedroom is the room in your home that you want to be the comfiest and warmest of them all. To help make your bedroom a sanctuary that you can sink into at the end of the day and blissfully wake up to in the morning, we’ve gathered some styling tips to see you through the season.

1. Opt for deep, rich colours in your paint and decor and don’t be afraid to feature clashing prints and patterns

Warming, opulent paint colours including dark red, terracotta, ochre, deep blue and dusky pink are set to be very popular this autumn, as we continue to see people experimenting more and more with colours and ‘banishing the beige’.

If you are going for a more neutral shade on the walls, why not pair it with a complementary but bolder colour on the skirting or the trim for added interest. The same goes for your upholstery – be brave and move beyond neutrals, adding a splash of colour in the shape of a favourite chair in the corner of your bedroom, or through your bedding or accessories such as curtains or scatter cushions

The trend for nostalgia in interiors has also seen the return of classic prints and patterns of years past. Gingham is one such pattern that is making its mark on the interiors world.  A gingham print in darker tones such as olive green and purple offers a wonderful opportunity to create a cosy bedroom scheme that feels very provincial England.

2. Choose good quality bed linen 

Keeping warm without turning straight to your heating has never been so crucial, and you will need to invest in good quality materials in order to do so. Linen is a wonderfully cosy choice for bedding due to its soft, textured surface, and yet its built-in thermoregulating abilities that are the true stars of the show here.

Linen’s long, natural fibres make linen bedding breathable and absorbent, helping to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, meaning it will keep you warm even when the air in your bedroom is cold. Its density also means the fabric has a natural weight to it, making it feel like a comforting, warm embrace and easing you into a wonderfully deep sleep.

3. Use lighting to create a wintery ambience 

To create that warm cottage-feel (no matter where you live) you can use a mixture of low-level lighting including bedside lamps, lanterns, and our personal favourite, candles. 

Patterned and coloured lamps are particularly in this season, and we love the fact that they reflect uneven light and streaks of warm colour across the room. Chrome accessories such as Tom Dixon’s Copper Pendant or the Simone ceiling light with its multi-coloured bulbs are perfect for bringing warmth into the bedroom.

Don’t feel the need to have matching lamps on either side of your bed – or anywhere in the house! Embrace the eclectic, mismatched look for an authentic and rustic feel.

4. Choosing the right bed

The centrepiece of your bedroom. The place you begin and end your day and the main factor in ensuring you get a blissful night’s sleep. Choosing the perfect bed for your space is simple when you consider 3 important steps.

First, consider the size of the room. If your bedroom is small, choosing a large king-size bed might not help maximise your space and create a calming atmosphere you need to unwind. If you’re short on space, why not consider an ottoman bed? Not only do they look luxurious but they help you to declutter, optimising your space and achieving a slightly more minimal look.

You also want to make sure you sink into a style that you can fall in love with (literally!). From statement headboards to natural wooden frames, choosing a design that complements your interior style and sets the tone for the mood of the room, whether you desire something energising and bright or soothing and stripped back, is an important part in selecting the right bed.

Another thing to consider are your bed habits. Love to sit up reading in bed? Choose a tall, padded headboard, such as the button back headboard of Rosalie so that you can sit back and relax with a good book. Or you can cocoon in with a curved headboard such as Audrey, for a cosy bedroom experience.

If you love a wooden frame but also want the comfort of sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea or breakfast in bed, you can always invest in some extra padding with headboard cushions such as the dreamy, foam filled Verona headboard cushion.

But we don’t just want our bedrooms to look good, they need to feel good too. Ensuring your mattress is sumptuous and supportive, no matter what your sleep habits are, is key in unlocking the bedroom of your dreams. Spending nearly half of our lifetime in bed and with sleep having such positive effects on our mental wellbeing, it’s never been more important to invest in a mattress that helps you to drift into a deep sleep. have partnered with Royal Warrant holders Hypnos to bring you 3 mattresses that are designed from the finest materials that don’t cost the Earth. Good for you and even better for the planet, indulge in bedtime luxury with a mattress to suit your sleeping style.

5. Go all ‘frazzled English woman’ when it comes to your layers

While we’re aware advising you to use layers for autumn is the same as suggesting flowers for spring (‘ground-breaking’), there is a trend that is currently taking TikTok by a storm that can be applied here: ‘the frazzled English woman’ aesthetic. TFEWA, as we shall be calling it from hereon, is essentially a continuation of the 2000s revival that has taken centre stage in the world of fashion this last year.

Not sure what we mean by ‘frazzled English woman’? Think Bridget Jones with her skinny fringed scarf, knee high boots and midi length skirt. We’re seeing this trend move beyond fashion into interiors with clashing patterns, woollen knit blankets and decorative fringed layers. A soft checkered throw thrown over your armchair or the end of your bed will do the trick, adding an extra layer of warmth at the same time.