Interior Design Tips

How to decorate with green: the colour of 2022

Trendy and traditional, soothing and striking, green is a shade with endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home. This season, introducing shades of olive, fern, sage, and deep jungle green will continue to rise in popularity and bring with it its ability to invigorate and calm.

From the darkly dramatic to the light and carefree, this versatile hue is simple to inject into your living space ready in time for the first leaves of autumn to fall.

Take a look at some of our top decorating tips for styling this season’s trending shade.

Making a statement

A balancing biophilic hue, green is all about new beginnings and renewal – and when better to incorporate this natural shade than at the turn of a new season!

Looking for where to start? For neutral living rooms, think peacock. Pepper your living space with cleverly considered deep pops of green, from a statement hero piece to scattered accessories, to create a spectacular space without overwhelming or overpowering your home.

Pair together bold, patterned green cushions, a deep green lamp shade, a toe-sinking rug or choose a singular standalone piece with a plush sofa or footstool to create a striking statement and take your living room to dreamy depths.

Finish with elegant, organic materials such as natural wood or polished chrome and an abundance of trailing house plants to transform your home into a green domestic goddess.

Light green

Fancy holding onto the summer in all its resplendent glory a bit longer? Try introducing lighter greens to create an airy, energised space through plush sage furnishings and pale green walls. Energetic and ethereal, choosing a lighter shade of green is perfect for a muted romantic feel and therefore ideal for the rooms which you entertain friends and family. Lighter shades can help make your kitchen or living room feel open and spacious, so why not choose sage green dining chairs or eucalyptus fabric sofa and accentuate with natural materials such as a beautifully wooden dining table or coffee table for a fresh take on interior style.

Thanks to its delicate, pastel tones, light green is the perfect backdrop for bright, colourful artwork and statement accessories. For warmth, try adding golden lighting and chrome side tables and complement with coral or apricot for a snug setting.

Dark green

A deep, jewel-toned green immediately exudes elegance and class, elevating your interior space with a sense of luxury and contemporary style. Go bold with statement green walls and a striking, sumptuous green sofa for a confident look that is as warming and inviting as it is dramatic and moody.

To help prevent your space from feeling smaller or intense, try pairing it with pink accents. A trending colour combination in the world of interiors, these opposite hues create balance and bring freshness to the space. Melanie Boyden features our Knightsbridge bed in Jade smart velvet in her pink bedroom to evoke a sense of calm for a blissful night’s sleep.

For the brave amongst us, go for double the decadence by pairing dark green with an equally deep purple or inky blue, such as our Plum smart velvet. Perfect for snuggling in as we approach the winter months, get the full effect with a dark interior scheme.

Complementary colours

Green and orange

Two powerhouses of colour, you may feel nervous about placing these two hues next to one another, however the end result is a playful, fun, and vibrant spin on a classic shade.

Green and pink

Desert-chic, dark greens and blush pinks is a stunning combination that balances the dramatic with the dreamy. Whether you go with subtle pairings of accessories, or statement colour blocking, these two shades work in any capacity for any space.

Green and blue

Inspired by nature in all its glory, you can never go wrong with a blue and green colour scheme. A blissful colour blend that inspires calm and tranquillity, blue and green is ideal for the bedroom, helping you to wind down at the end of the day.

Green and natural

Strengthen your connection with the natural world by selecting colours from the Earth palette. Neutrals, browns, and greens work together beautifully to create a contemporary, chic space that is the stunning combination of light, warm, and inviting.