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Family friendly living room ideas – 5 design tips you need to know

pink sofa in blue open plan kitchen

Tis the season for family nights in, for board games, and for binge-watching your favourite period drama. Creating a space that is comfortable for all the family, flexible for your home’s needs, and full of stunningly beautiful style can seem like an impossible feat, but we’ve rounded up 5 key design tips to make family living look easy.

Style smarter

Choose furniture that is flexible and functional for whatever life throws at you (or your sofa!). Smart fabrics are perfect for busy households as you can quickly wipe away any spills before they set in, keeping your furniture looking as good as new.

You can also make your space flexible to your family’s needs by introducing multi-functional pieces such as sofa beds. Simple yet effective, from family pyjama days to unexpected guests a sofa bed can see you through all stages of family life.

Hidden Treasures

Create a space that works for you by incorporating stylish storage solutions that can also be used to pop up you feet as an ottoman footstool or as an extra seat for guests at those spontaneous family get-togethers.

By selecting smart pieces of furniture, you can prevent yourself from overcrowding your space and give the illusion of a larger living area.

Modular made

Looking for something versatile? Consider modular design sofas that can grow with you and your lifestyle. Styles such as our Long Island, Izzy, Aissa, and Cohen can be configurated to suit your space and be added onto to develop with your home life.

While you want to accommodate for all your friends and family, you also want to make sure you choose a piece that optimises your space and this is where modular can come in useful.

Get in the zone

Open plan spaces are ideal for family life. Spending quality time together while you’re cooking and your children are doing their homework, or cosying into the sofa, can be achieved by making your space work harder for you by creating zones.

Dining, kitchen, living room areas can be within a meter of one another and still feel elevated by carefully angling your furniture and using rugs to make each feel like their own individual space.

Time to play

Creating a family home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing playful colours and decorations to showcase your personality.

Bright coloured fabrics, patterned scatter cushions, statement lighting, and a decorative ice-cream cone, like singer @sophieellisbextor (of course!), can put your own style on your family home.