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6 tips for decorating your home office

angular desk with boucle desk chair in home office

Working remotely is a continued reality for most as we continue to navigate a post-pandemic world. With 56% of UK adults wanting to continue partially working from home in the future, it’s never been a more perfect time to invest in a workspace that is soothing and inspiring.

For award-winning entrepreneur Sonya Barlow, creating an optimal working environment is unique to each individual and extends beyond your basic stationary and working essentials. “I think it’s really important to set yourself up for success when you are going into your working environment. To build a good workspace, you need to know how you work. Make sure you have everything you need, but also add a bit of interaction and play.”

From energising greenery to stimulating artwork, your home office is more than just a space to work – it’s a space to create and inspire. Read on to find out our top tips to styling a working environment that elevates your productivity and sets your imagination soaring and catch up on highlights from our International Women’s Day ’22 events to help inspire you to achieve your career goals.

Tip No. 1: Illuminate your working environment

angular desk with boucle desk chair in home office

The first step to any home officelighting. Ensuring that your work space has lots of light, whether natural or by layering lighting through desk lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights, can have a big impact on your productivity.

Enjoying a light-filled space can help you to feel energised and invigorated and can even been optimised by incorporating an interior designer’s secret weapon – mirrors!

Strategically placing mirrors of any shape and size on your wall can help disperse the light in your working environment and create the illusion of larger space to help you think freely and without limits, and unlock your potential, whether artistic or entrepreneurial.

With its abstract angles and monochromatic finish, our new Hans desk knows how to make a statement when it comes to home office style

Tip No. 2: Select inspiring artwork

red armchair next to piano and wall art

Introduce inspiring artwork into your workspace that express your personality and speak to your creative spirit.

From stylised, statement pieces to smaller, abstract prints, bringing in colour and pattern that motivates you and keeps your energy high is a great way to bring your home office to life.

For Sonya, colour is key to creating an uplifting workspace: “Are you surrounded by the colours that inspire you? I like a colourful set-up because it makes me feel like I’m ready to imagine and can be creative.”

Find a piece of art that reflects your personality and personal style to make your home office your own

Tip No. 3: Bring nature indoors

Green velvet accent chair in green living room

Energise your day and reduce stress levels by introducing greenery into your workspace. Bringing life indoors through plants or even a bunch of springtime tulips is a perfect way to inject positivity into your room and stimulate you throughout your working day.

Or, if you’re still practicing your green thumb, why not try some faux shrubbery or plant arrangements to add colour, texture, and the calm-inducing tones of green?

You can also recreate the calm and balance of the great outdoors by introducing wooden pieces into your workspace. A beautiful wooden desk can help you feel cool and collected no matter what you’re faced with throughout the day.

Choosing a green fabric, such as our Betty armchair in Olive cotton matt velvet, is the perfect way to add a little bit of green into your interior space

“My dream environment is something very minimal, full of natural light, clean and decluttered. My mental head space gets very distracted when I work so I need something very comfortable and clean and something minimal with a lot of good light. I recently learnt the importance of a good desk and chair set-up as I’ve been experiencing a lot of trapped nerve pain because I know my desk and chair isn’t right, so it’s so important to invest in comfort!”

Emily Valentine

Tip No. 4: Define your workspace with a rug

pair of boucle, curved armchairs in light living room with tasselled rug

Define your working environment through a carefully placed rug and create a space you associate with productivity.

Whether you opt for a Scandi-inspired weave or faux sheepskin, elevate your workspace with a little bit of texture and warmth underfoot.

Selecting the right size and shape can help visually distinguish your workspace from your living space, providing structure to your home and maintaining that work/life balance, even when working from home.

Add a little bit of texture to keep your feet cosy and comfortable, such as our super soft Marrakesh rug

Tip No. 5: Invest in stylish storage

curved desk chair next to wooden storage desk in home office

When it comes to choosing pieces for your home office, make sure you invest in items with storage.

Whether you incorporate wall shelves, display units, or desks with hidden storage, keep an eye out for pieces which can store away your work for the day, allowing you to physically and mentally declutter so you can relax away your evenings.

Ensuring everything has a placed to be stored can also help increase your organisation and productivity, which in turn helps promote feelings of confidence and optimism.

Paired with our Lupin desk chair, our Dickens desk combines sleek lines and minimal style with ample storage

Tip No. 6: Choose curvilinear comfort

curved yellow armchair in dark home office

Comfort is key for 2020 winner of the Most Influential Women in Tech UK, Sonya Barlow: “You have to have a comfortable chair because you’re going to be sitting on here for hours and hours on end, so you have to make sure it’s comfortable, it’s cosy, and even when you need that break, you can lounge around.”

Making sure your chair is comfortable for you and your preferred sitting experience is paramount to a successful day at work.

A curved desk chair not only creates a sense of streamlined elegance, making a stylish addition to your workspace, but its curved back caters to contours of your back, cocooning you in comfort so that you can power through the really important stuff!

With its wing design, our Ernest armchair is a comfortable spot with curvy contours and buttons of style

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