Interior Design Tips

Whether you’re looking to inject some colour into your interiors or you want to declutter and organise your space, we’ve put together our favourite interior design tips and advice to help you create your perfect home.

How to colour your home happy: 3 interior colour schemes for mental wellness

Colour has long been remarked by artists and interior designers as a powerful communicator for individuality, feelings, and personal experiences. As expressed by Pablo Picasso, ‘Colours, like features, follow the […]

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Elevate your bedroom décor with Agi Dmochowska

Sharing her secrets to designing a beautiful bedtime, interior stylist Agnieszka Dmochowska, aka @agi_at_59, invites us into her becalming biophilic-inspired home and olive-velvet interior space to help you have a restful 2022.

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Sophie Robinson’s top tips on how to embrace colour this Christmas

Inspirational TV interior stylist and all-round ray of sunshine, Sophie Robinson, is best known for her use of colour and perfectly clashing patterns. So, who better to turn to for some styling advice this Christmas?

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How to use pink in your home: Our top 3 pink colour schemes

In the 18th century, the hue was adopted by the European bourgeoisie as a symbol of luxury and class, particularly for aristocratic boys due to its reddish tint and its masculine, military undertones. Fast-forward to the 20th century and pink becomes a colour of contention. Due to branding and marketing, pink becomes gender-coded by the 50s, exclusively reserved for a delicate femininity, before receiving a fuchsia facelift in the 1960s Pop Art movement. Today, pink is a worldwide symbol of strength, survival, and even androgyny.

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Autumn, styled by you: 5 autumn interior ideas

A blaze of colour and a crunch underfoot let us know that autumn has finally returned in all its majesty. As we escape from the pitter-patter of raindrops and bundle under blankets, discover a few of our fall-time favourite interiors, as styled by you at home. What to expect? Emerald greens, sea-breeze sleep sanctuaries, voluptuous velvets, and a whole lot of autumnal interior style.

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How to elevate your everyday: 4 Interior Design Tips

The crisp of autumn leaves and the crackling of logs are soon to make a reappearance as we catch up with friends over a hot cup of spiced mulled wine on the twists and turns of this year. As we turn to hibernate into our homes and snuggle ourselves away from the cold, making sure your interior space is haven of comfort and style has never been more important.

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Home in on Happy… with Farrow & Ball

This week we sat down with the wonderful Patrick O’Donnell, from Farrow & Ball, to discuss the importance of colour in the home and the impact colour has on the way we feel.

Patrick is an international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, colour consultant and all-round expert in colour! After nearly 10 years with Farrow & Ball and as the leading man in their colour videos, Patrick is the perfect person to speak to about how to decorate your room, and using colour to create your very own happy place.

We’ve worked with Patrick to create three different colour schemes that will help inspire you to introduce colour throughout your home, from open-plan living spaces to calm living rooms and cosy bedrooms.

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The 7 elements of interior design

It’s said that when designing a space, there are seven elements that you should consider: space, form, line, light, colour pattern and texture. This week, we sat down with the team at Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors to discuss the 7 elements of interior design, and how they impact how a room looks and feels. Read on to discover more about each of these seven elements and how they impact a space, as well as some invaluable interiors advice and interior design tips from the experts!

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The importance of art in creating a happy home

This week, we’re handing over the reins to the lovely Elinor, who is co-founder of the online gallery We’re thrilled to have just launched our first ever art collection

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