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As part of our new Autumn Winter 2017 collection, we have partnered with world-renowned British mattress makers Hypnos to bring you four beautifully handcrafted, divine pocket spring mattresses that’ll help you drift off to the best night’s sleep possible. We know that finding the right mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep, so we are very excited to introduce you to our brand new collection of Hypnos mattresses: Harewood: The perfect first mattress for your child or if you’re looking to update your guest bed. Burghley: Ideal for the master bedroom and for those who love a super-soft feel to their mattress. Harlington: This mattress provides comfort all year round in both medium and firm tension, as well as total body and spinal support. Windsor: The best of the best! The perfect mattress for a master bedroom.   Trusted since 1904, Hypnos is a truly unique brand and one we’re very excited to bring to sofa.com. We recently found out everything you need to know to help you find a mattress that’ll lead to your best ever night’s sleep. Hypnos has been a family run business for 5 generations; how has this helped shape the success of Hypnos over the last 100 years? As a family business, Hypnos holds its customer at its heart. Each and every product is designed and created to deliver a beautiful night’s sleep, no matter what the shape, size or styling.  Our reputation is built on integrity, respect, craftsmanship and innovation – ideas which have been consistent throughout all five generations of the family. Ultimately, Hypnos is not only a family-run business, but a brand which considers every employee a part of the family too, and that has been vital to our success. Without this strong sense of community, we would not be able to create the unparalleled products for which we are known, and in turn would not be where we are today. We were recently honoured with the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade in recognition of our substantial growth and commercial success in international business, and we believe this is a testament to our family-style philosophy.  Our renowned customer service, quality of our product offering and the ethical production of our beds, is now being recognised around the world. Has anything remained the same from the very beginning? With over 100 years of bed making experience, our philosophy and commitment to the delivery of a perfect night’s sleep has never changed. Our master craftsmen continue to use traditional, time-honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create an authentic piece of Great British furniture. Our strong British history has been forged by five generations of the Keen family at the forefront of the business. Our heritage, authenticity and traditional values cannot be mimicked; they are qualities that come from years of experience, both from our founding family and our staff, who we consider an extension of the Keen/Hypnos family. You have held The Royal Warrant since 1929, what does this mean to you? Being awarded a Royal Warrant is a prestigious accolade. It’s not just a mark of quality, expertise and the best in British craftsmanship, but also a sign of trust – trust from the Royal Family in Hypnos’ abilities and a level of trust for our customers to buy into. It’s something Hypnos doesn’t take lightly and why we’re always striving to create supremely stylish, comfortable beds that meet and surpass the high standards of the Royal Warrant. We’re incredibly proud of the fact that we not only supply the Royal Family, Royal Households and all of the Royal residences with mattresses and beds, but we also undertake bespoke upholstery commissions. Furthermore, our active involvement also spans making bespoke beds specifically for visiting dignitaries, providing support for educational programmes based on sleep at Buckingham Palace, and supporting Royal events such as the Coronation festival and the Royal Windsor Horse Show. What would you suggest that someone considers before purchasing a mattress?  Before searching for a new bed, find out whether your current mattress is too hard or too soft, as this will help when you start testing new mattresses. To do this, slide your hand under the small of your back – if your hand fits easily between your back and the mattress, it may be too firm.  If your hand cannot fit under your back at all, it may be too soft. When testing out a new mattress remember it needs to be comfortable for an entire night, not just a few minutes. Simulate sleeping by removing your coat and shoes, grabbing a pillow, then lying down in your normal sleeping position for at least 10 minutes. This should be just enough time for your body to comfortably relax and get a real feel for the bed. Finally, where possible you should ideally purchase the base and mattress together. The two are designed to provide support and work together as a team to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re just looking to purchase a mattress, check what type of base you tested it on, as different bed bases can affect how hard or soft the mattress feels.  If you’re reusing an old divan base, bear in mind how worn it is as this could result in premature wear to the new mattress, which in turn would invalidate any guarantee. You have a unique pocket spring system – what is different about the springs used in Hypnos? At Hypnos, our pocket sprung mattress works to actively minimise pressure points on the body, helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension, allowing muscles to relax and recover. The more active turns in a pocket spring, the greater its ability to sense the exact comfort and support requirement for each individual. The single layer of pocket springs work to directly absorb vertical downward pressure from the body, and this action creates a ‘bellow’ effect that drives fresh air around the mattress and facilitates greater hygiene. This extra breathability ensures better ventilation, helping to reduce moisture and maintain a comfortable body temperature for a good night’s sleep. We use unique ReActive™ pocket springs which have up to 10 active turns, and patented UltraSens™ pocket springs which have up to 17 active turns. Each ‘turn’ of the spring independently senses the contours of your body and weight distribution, effortlessly adjusting and supporting any change in your sleeping position, the result of which is the provision of total spinal and body support. Camel wool is used as one of your mattress layers, what makes camel wool such a wonderful filling? Camel hair is used in a Hypnos mattress due to its excellent thermostatic properties.  As intimated by the animals’ desert habitat, it is self-regulating and responds to body temperature to ensure that you keep cool in summer and warm in winter. The fibres also have great moisture wicking p roperties keeping you dry and your mattress fresh, with the added benefit of providing a soft and comfortable feel. What other notable materials do you use to make your mattresses special? Hypnos’ beds are renowned the world over for our combination of natural fillings and pockets springs. Our mattresses are made from the finest natural and sustainable materials, including wool, cashmere, Camel, Alpaca, and Mohair. Fillings like wool not only provide resilience, comfort and support, they also actively help to regulate body temperature, relieve moisture and repel allergens – ultimately helping the owner to sleep beautifully and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. How do the layers in the mattress provide body and spinal support? Specially designed springs provide the level of tension and support needed to alleviate tension and support the body, whilst the fillings provide comfort and cushioning to reduce pressure points.  Every Hypnos mattress is generously and carefully filled with the optimum mix and weight of the finest natural fibres for unparalleled levels of comfort, whilst actively helping to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. Hypnos has a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, how is this implanted across the brand? At Hypnos, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that every bed we produce is created from the finest, natural and sustainable materials, including FSC or PEFC certified timbers that have been sourced from managed forests. In addition, our mattresses are 100% recyclable at the end of their life ensuring no beds go to landfill sites. Our approach is further emphasised by Hypnos becoming the first carbon neutral bed maker in the country, achieving FSC certified company status, we have passed the Sedex Ethical Trading Audit and have created a lean and green manufacturing culture. Additionally, Hypnos remains focused on working with the community to help educate people of the importance of sustainability in everyday life. The business regularly carries out tree planting exercises with local schools and offers school tours around its factories in Princes Risborough and Castle Donington to ensure that the fundamentals of caring for the environment are learned and instilled from a young age.

For more information about Hypnos visit www.hypnosbeds.com and discover our exclusive sofa.com range here: Hypnos mattresses


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