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How to style a small room in 6 easy steps

Petite, bijoux, diminutive, compact…small. There, we said it – small! All too often we find ourselves reaching for those elaborate synonyms when describing slighter interior spaces, instead of embracing them in all of their small glory! Small spaces can provide the perfect level of intimacy for social gatherings, make us keep clutter to a minimum (helping to create a calmer atmosphere) and hey, if nothing else, they’re easier to clean! While we’re all about championing smaller interiors, we do still believe in having your cake and eating it (because you know…it’s cake) so have come up with a few room hacks that will help to create the illusion of additional space. Find out how you can maximise the potential of any miniature space in six easy steps. 

1. Make the most of mirrors

Our Highbury mirror keeping things light and bright

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most stylish of them all? By reflecting back both natural and non-natural light, mirrors help to create the illusion of additional space. Go bold with one large statement piece or arrange several smaller mirrors to create a modern gallery wall. 

2. Introduce multipurpose furniture

Interior design’s version of a Transformer (only less dramatic), multi-purpose furniture is the perfect partner for a smaller space. Create an extra guest bedroom in an instant with a sofa bed, just like our Aissa here, where your visitors will be blissfully comfortable both day and night. The only problem is they may never want to leave…

3. Keep your storage stylish

Our Buttons storage bench offers much more than the eye can see

The best storage options should fit seamlessly into your living space, enhancing its style rather than detracting from it. We recommend taking a look at our effortlessly stylish Buttons storage bench. This beautifully button-tufted piece doubles up as a stylish coffee table or extra seating for guests, all the while concealing a decent amount of depth within. Genius!


4. Roll out the rugs

Our Sable rug  beautifully brings this living space together

Smaller rugs might seem like the more obvious choice for a smaller room but they only serve to shrink things for the eye. Go for a large floor covering to capture a sense of grandeur and create the illusion of a greater floor space.


5. Go bold

It’s a common misconception that smaller spaces can’t handle bold colours, but by introducing a few pieces in statement hues you can capture that ‘jewellery box’ aesthetic. Don’t shy away from graphic patterns either, just keep an eye on cohesion as smaller spaces require a little more focus.


6. Let your pieces breathe

Our Taylor side table keeping it classy with carefully selected accessories

Chances are you’ll have decluttered your small space as a matter of necessity but wherever possible, be sure to let your pieces breathe. Think carefully about a few select items and showcase them with space, keeping any tables and surfaces as uncrowded as possible (of course, a cocktail glass is a necessity)!

Check out our Pinterest board here for even more small space style inspiration!

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