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How to make your home your happy place

We’re ready for spring and all the hope and optimism that comes with it. With the world still feeling so unsettled right now, your home has the power to be your very own personal sanctuary – a place for you to turn up the feel-good factor and focus on all the little things that make your heart sing.  

Now is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate, allowing you to create a home full of happiness, so sit back and relax, and read on to find out our top tips to help you home in on happy this season.

Plump for comfort

As we’re spending so much more time in our homes now more than ever, we’ve all come to realise that comfort is, of course, at the centre of creating a happy home. Gone are the days of opting for style over substance when it comes to key pieces of furniture. Nothing can beat having that squidgy sofa or cosy armchair that you know provides ultimate comfort as soon as you sink into it – whether it’s to spend some quality time together as a family or indulge in some all-important ‘me’ time.

With that in mind, make comfort a priority by choosing inviting furniture shapes with sumptuous seating and curved designs that will draw you in and hug you tight at the end of a long day – with oodles of room for stretching out and putting your feet up!

blue sofa in living room with indoor plants, corner sofa in middle of living room

Our new Bowie sofa is the epitome of comfort, and @jemknowles has created the perfect corner of comfort with her Isla corner sofa!

Colours to put a smile on your face

Whether it’s an accent wall in your hallway or a bright armchair in the corner of your living room, injecting uplifting colours into your home is the perfect way to put a smile on your face as soon as you walk through the door! Yellows and oranges are the colours of optimism and happiness, reminiscent of rays of sunshine and the warmth of summer months, so bring these tones into your home for an instant positivity boost!

Alternatively, calmer blues and greens, reminiscent of tranquil seas and ocean destinations, help create a serene and relaxing environment. Blue hues are known to have an incredible calming effect on the body, from reducing blood pressure and heart rate to helping remove intense feelings of stress, so these tones are perfect for creating a serene space to relax in.

yellow armchair and corner sofa in living room

Opt for calming blue hues like @mrs_k_at_the_bridge and her Isla corner sofa,  or add a touch of sunshine with our new Poppy armchair

Create social spaces for family time

For many of us, the kitchen area has long been the social hub of the home. Whether you’re baking some sweet treats as your latest hobby, or cooking up a feast for the family (and hopefully friends soon!), the kitchen is the perfect place to bring everyone together. From doing homework and home-schooling, to enjoying meals together and socialising after dinner, the kitchen table has never been busier!

Taking this into account, our kitchens should be given the attention they deserve! Turn your kitchen from simply a functional space into the true heart of your home by paying attention to the smaller details that make a big difference. From sink-into-me dining chairs and bar stools, to freshly cut flowers and citrus scented candles, these comforting elements work beautifully together to create a desirable and happy place to be in for the whole family.

bright dining room with bar stools and indoor plants

Refresh your dining space using our new Margaux dining chairs and bar stools, or opt for our Basil bar stools, just like @the_indigo_house

Reconnect with nature

The importance of nature can never be overlooked – taking a breath of fresh air is the perfect way to feel refresh and rejuvenated – whether that’s on a long walk, or taking 5 minutes to sit in the garden and listen to the birds singing. Improving our connection with nature has been proven to aid with reducing stress, improve energy levels and support rejuvenation, even in colder times! Now that spring is on its way, we can’t wait to spend even more time in the outdoors and creating the ultimate sanctuary in your garden or outdoor space is the perfect way to enhance happiness levels. Stylish and comfortable garden furniture can transform an outdoor space – look for l-shaped or corner designs (if space allows) with sumptuous cushions for an inviting social setting that can be enjoyed by everyone. Finishing touches such as twinkling fairy lights, soft throws for cooler evenings and calming water features all help enrich your senses – making you feel relaxed and content.

If you live in the city or don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space to call your own, then bringing the outdoors in is a great way to give your home a new lease of life and create a fresh and uplifting environment – whether that’s in your home office, in the living room or even in the bedroom. From luscious green plants to freshly cut flowers, the presence of flora and fauna in your home helps reduce stress and ensures a more positive and relaxing space to live and work in – they also help to purify the air in your home too!

biophilic living room with earthy colours

Create your own jungle just like @agi_at_59 whose Izzy sofa sits amongst her living room foliage, and make the most of the outdoors with our new Amberley garden set

Let in the light

Never underestimate the importance of natural light in helping to create a home that feels fresh and bright. Our body clocks are deeply connected to the cycles of natural light, but often our homes are quite dark for the majority of the year, which can cause issues with sleep patterns, tiredness and productivity. It’s been proven that increasing the amount of natural light we are exposed to helps to improve productivity, quality of sleep and reduce depression, so get those blinds and curtains open and let the light in!

In rooms that have limited natural light, or spaces that are north facing, our favourite trick is to hang mirrors around the space. The mirrors help to reflect natural light around the room – maximising the brightness and helping to rejuvenate and freshen up your interiors.

Another great way to dial up the brightness in your home is to think carefully about the lighting you use. Top lighting, such as ceiling lights and pendants, should be the main source of artificial light – brightening up the room from the centre, or the walls. However, task lighting, such as floor lights and side lamps, can make a real difference in brightening up dark corners, while ambient lighting, such as candles and fairy lights, can be the perfect finishing touch, adding that extra injection of happiness and warmth into your home.

bright living room with sofa and floor lamps

Make the most of natural light by putting a sofa like Holly in front of bay windows, and use floor lamps such as Richie to brighten up darker corners, as demonstrated perfectly by @the_indigo_house

Clutter-free and content

Tidying your home and removing clutter from spaces around you is a really beneficial way of improving your mental health and ease of everyday life. Creating an environment where everything has a specific home, and items aren’t piled up in a corner will help everyone to function in a more tidy and organised way, with less distractions. It can also open up your home, making rooms feel bigger and more spacious. Opt for clever storage solutions, such as storage footstools, Ottoman beds and even sofa beds to minimise used space and create a clean and tidy home.

– teal sofa bed in living room

@fallowgrey uses our Ringo storage drum to keep her home tidy, and having a sofa bed like our Isla is a great way to make the most of smaller spaces

Carve out your own happy place

We should all have that one spot in our homes that is just for you. Whether it’s a cosy reading corner or a window seat to bask in the sunshine, it’s important to have a place to gather your thoughts and recharge. These spots are perfect for displaying joyous, sentimental treasures that make you smile. From children’s artwork and family heirlooms, to travel souvenirs and photographs of loved ones, fill your space with happy memories and style it with things that make your heart sing.

blue and green décor in living room with sofa and armchair

Create a space that makes your heart sing – whether that’s a calm sanctuary featuring our new Reuben sofa, or a corner full of life like the one @thistimeincolour has created with our Ernest armchair


  1. Shan Tyler

    Can you tell me what you use in the cushions. I like cushions to be quite firm so I dont have to be plumping them up all the time. Can you tell me if I can get something like this. Thank you Shan Tyler


      Hi Shan, our scatter cushions are feather, to provide that soft, plump feeling, but as you mentioned they do need plumping to keep their shape. For our seat cushions on our sofas, we vary between feather, feather and foam, and just foam – the feather and foam cushions are probably the best combination between comfort and ease of use. Hope that helps, Sarah-Jane

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