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round silver wall mirror

How to choose the best mirror for your space

round silver wall mirror

Mirrors are a design staple in every home and should be thought of as so much more than a piece of treated glass that we use to see our reflection. They expand walls to open up small spaces. They reflect light into the darker corners of our homes. They add a point of interest to a blank wall, much like a beautiful piece of art would do. Because they are such an important part of home decor, it can often seem like a daunting task to choose the right one. Round or square? Freestanding or wall hanging? Clear or distressed glass? We’ve done the research and put together a guide to choosing the best mirror for your space…

Round or square mirror?

When considering the shape of your mirror, think about the other elements around your space. If your furnishings have many straight lines and minimal details, soften and balance out the hard angles using a rounded mirror. Circular styles look particularly stylish above a fireplace, where the curves of the mirror contrast with the straight lines of the mantel. If you’re looking to create more of a statement, choose a classic, strong rectangle that will add instant depth and interest.

Free standing or wall-hanging?

To hang or not to hang? This dilemma will largely be dictated by the shape of your mirror – a round design should really be hung to prevent any breakages, whereas any mirror with a flat edge is more conducive to being leant against the wall, allowing you to avoid those annoying holes. A traditional, arch-shaped mirror is more often than not left to lean atop a fireplace or mantelpiece but can just as easily be hung a few inches above for a more formal and finished look. When styling our Elliot mirror, we simply hung it a couple of inches above the side table, and let its classic design speak for itself using minimal accessories. 


Picking the right size mirror

When it comes to sizing a mirror for above a fireplace, look for something that adequately fills the space between the top of the mantel and the ceiling. A key guide to follow is the ‘rule of thirds’ whereby you take the height of your mantelpiece, double it, and you have the ideal height that your mirror should be. The width of the mirror should never be wider than the mantelpiece or fireplace itself. Mirrors don’t just belong above a fireplace, however. Large, full-length wall mirrors reflect the light around the room, making the space seem bigger and ceilings feel higher. Perfect for use in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room, a floor length mirror adds instant wow-factor to space Large mirrors are also not just limited to large spaces. They can be used behind a piece of furniture in tight areas to make the piece look purposeful and prominent rather than shoved in.

Distressed or clear glass?

If you’re wanting to try something a little different with your mirror, why not consider antique or distressed glass? The mottled effect offers more richness and depth than clear glass and brings plenty of character to homes both modern and old. A beautiful smoked glass design gives it a beautiful, antiqued look, or for a more subtle look opt for an antique glass – our Hemingway mirror features antique edge detailing.  If you’re planning on using your mirror for more than just decoration, opt for clear glass to ensure it fulfils its function. 

Find the perfect mirror for your space in our mirror collection here! Don’t forget we also have a wide range of other home accessories, including wall art, lightingside tables, scatter cushions and dining furniture to add the finishing touches to your home. 


  1. Rosie Beckett

    I want to find a mirror that will add a unique touch to our living room and I like that you say to think about the shape of the mirror that you want first. You make a great point that circular styles are great above a fireplace and I think that it would look great right above the mantle. Also, I think that we will hang the mirror so that we avoid any chances of breakages.

  2. Charlotte Fleet

    My roommates and I want to buy a mirror to place above the mantel in our living room. I like how you said that it is important that the mirror is not wider than the mantel itself. We will have to find a mirror that is not wider than our mantel and is the perfect size for it.

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