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How to choose art for your home

Choosing an art print should be the most pleasurable part of adding the finishing touches to your home, but for many, choosing and hanging art can be a daunting experience. Luckily, our friends at King & McGaw are on hand to help and have listed the three essential things to consider when making your choice: style, colour and size.


What’s your own personal style? Are you a fan of mid-century design? Does your home have a modern or contemporary feel, or are your interiors more traditional and classic?  Once you have identified what your own style learns towards, explore artists and art movements that bring that to life.  This starting point will enable you to refine your searches and find new designs and artists that captivate your imagination. 


Our Oscar Button Seat sofa in Olive cotton matt velvet

Fashions come and go, but your personal style lasts a life-time. Choosing art that complements your overall style will ensure the print sits comfortably in your home for many years to come.  

  • Mid Century fans may prefer black and white photographs or clean, geometric lines. 
  • For a traditional home, rediscover art by the Impressionists, vintage posters or a calming landscape piece.
  • Contemporary homes are brought to life with the movement and dynamics within graphic illustration, modern, contemporary and pop art.


Colour is one of the most compelling reasons for connecting with an artwork in your chosen style.  Many people who are looking to add to their interiors often choose art that features a dominant colour in their room to make sure it ‘matches’ a scheme. But from our perspective, colour  can be a lot more nuanced and subtle than this and choosing art this way can be much more freeing.  

Have a look at accent colours within an artwork. Is there a deep shadow that matches your soft furnishings? Does the frame colour match any wood furniture in your room? Is there a pop of bright pink the same as a favourite vase you always have on display?  


Our Patrick sofa bed in Canary cotton matt velvet

If you’re really stuck, have a look in your wardrobe! You’ll be able to see a theme in the colours you choose to wear that are often repeated throughout your home. Picking a colour theme or accent colour that you’re always drawn to is a great way to ensure that you stay in love with the piece you buy. 

Don’t forget the colour of the frame.  A’ frame’ is so-called because of how it supports the overall aesthetic of the artwork.  It should always show the artwork off in the best possible way. 

Thinking about the overall colour aesthetic will mean your investment is a lot more versatile.


Consider the walls the picture is going to be hanging on and what else is in the room. If you have quite a maximalist style with spaces already full of treasures and furniture then choosing a bigger statement piece will create impact, define a fabulous focal point and add a level of sophistication or ‘wow’ to your space.

Conversely, if you have a more minimal or pared back style, choosing a collection of smaller prints adds a relaxed feel to a room and draws the eye away from bigger, less aesthetic features in a room, like a television or surround sound.  Gallery walls work brilliantly in these interiors and you can read the Guide to hanging a Gallery wall on the King & McGaw website.


Our Thea bed in Plum smart velvet

Feeling inspired? Discover our brand new art collection, in collaboration with DegreeArt, and find the perfect limited edition art print for your home!

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