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Home in on happy… with Stacey Dyer

To kick off this season’s Home in on Happy campaign, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting than the wonderful Stacey Dyer (@end_of_the_row), who has become a beacon of inspiration for injecting colour, personality and warmth into your interiors. Stacey started her Instagram page around 7 years ago, as a private way to document the changes her and her husband were making to their new home. Once Stacey built up the courage to switch the page to public, her followers soon began to grow, and now she has around 200 thousand people eagerly following each new project she takes on, with plenty of helpful advice exchanged along the way. Read on to discover how Stacey has transformed her Edwardian end of terrace house into a happy family home, as well as her top tips and nuggets of wisdom for renovating and styling your very own happy place…

Stacey’s interior style

I’d describe my style as maximalist, practical and mismatched! I have always loved bold clashing colours and I adore seeing how people dress in this style too, but as quite an introvert I’m never really confident enough to wear it but I’m happy to go for it in my home. I love pattern and texture and find I get a lot of my inspiration from nature. The varying shades through the seasons or how flowers sit next to each other and make each other’s colours pop. I also love following fashion accounts as people are really great at layering clothes and colours. I just apply it to my home instead!

I love statement pieces of furniture – ones that guests immediately reach out to, to study the fabric or stroke the soft velvets. Having items that make people smile, but also ones that when guests come round, they immediately sit down and study the fabric or reach out a hand to stroke it.

In terms of trends and interior looks, I really do appreciate all styles, and can see the beauty in all. I love the Scandi style and use of concrete and neutral tones with greenery and wood, but my favourite style or trend will always be maximalist patterns and vibrant tones. I love old houses and I feel that this style lends itself better to old houses.

“I love following fashion accounts as people layer clothes and colours – I just apply it to my home instead!”

Stacey’s top tips for styling a room

1. Use a key piece as the starting point

My first recommendation when styling a room is to find a key piece, and use this as the starting point. Breaking down the room styling can help make it feel less overwhelming, and allows you to change ideas as you go. As you complete each step, you’ll likely discover small colours, patterns or elements that you love, and you can use this in the next step.

My bedroom was a blank canvas. I inherited my Nan’s Wedgewood Trinket box in sage green and I popped it on the bedroom mantelpiece. The sun shone in on it and the colour looked so beautiful, inspiring me to paint the room that same colour. I then started looking at a statement bed, and found the Audrey bed – Audrey was my nan’s name, so it was meant to be! The Armour smart velvet sat beautifully against the sage green, so I chose that, and constantly receive compliments on it.

“The Armour smart velvet sat beautifully against the sage green, so I chose that, and constantly receive compliments on it.”

2. Style a room over time – don’t rush it!

Styling a room is something that takes time, and there’s nothing worse than creating a room in a rush, only to then realise once you’re living in it that it doesn’t quite work. Take time to live in the space, and see how you naturally use the space. You can then decide what the room needs, in terms of both practicality and interiors – where does the light hit in the morning and the afternoon? Do you need a side table to rest your cup of tea on? Do you want that armchair sat in the sunshine? These are all questions you can only answer once you’ve lived in a space.

“Style a room over time, don’t rush it with impatience of getting it done”

3. Above all, be bold!

There’s nothing worse than looking back at a project, and wishing you’d had the confidence to go ahead with something slightly out of the ordinary, to create something that really would have made your heart sing. Be true to yourself and your style, and go ahead with something a little different if you want – the little quirks and differences are what makes your house a home!

“I’ve never regretted going for the slightly more ‘out there’ or vibrant option. I’ve only ever regretted playing it too safe!”

How Stacey has designed her happy place…

Comfort and relaxation are the two key elements that Stacey has designed her home around. A place where her family spends so much time, it’s been really important to have a home that works in a family environment, where everyone can switch off and enjoy quality time together.

… in her bedroom

Our Audrey bed is such a statement bed, and I think it’s mighty enough to take a bold colour. The headboard curves around, softening the glare of lights that sit on our bedside table, creating a super cosy feel.  The velvet adds a sumptuousness to the room that brings me happiness every time I snuggle down!

Audrey double bed in Armour smart velvet, Wonder drum light shade, Scatter cushions in OrchidSage and SapphireBengal rug in duck egg

… in her daughter’s room

Matilda’s Bella bed is the newest addition to our home! She’s only 5, so I was searching for a fun colour that will age well over time, as she grows up. The Mango shade is sunny and bright without being sickly, bringing colour to the space. The warmth of the ochre is quite flexible, and can work with a huge array of wallpaper and paint which gives us the flexibility to evolve the room over time, as Matilda grows up. Matilda’s favourite bit though? The scalloped headboard and foot of the bed give it a real princess bed feel – she loves it! 

Bella single bed in Mango brushed linen cotton, Scatter cushions in Powder Pink and Heather BlueFranklin table lampAthene rug in Glacier

… in the living room

When designing our living room, we knew that it was important to have a space where everyone can relax together. Our children love to bounce from chair to chair, so we knew that we’d have to have a sofa that wouldn’t need continuous plumping! I also wanted to find a sofa that looked beautiful – it’s always important to create a space that is functional but also looks great! We chose the Dahlia sofa in Jade Smart Velvet, which was the perfect combination of practicality, comfort and style. It has a beautiful silhouette and although firm, it’s comfortable and looks wonderful with layers of cushions. The Jade colour seems to be so versatile against any décor. Blue in some lights, green in others, it just works and the Smart Velvet is like witchcraft, so easy to keep clean regardless of what is thrown at it!

Dahlia 3 seat sofa in Jade smart velvet, Austen wall mirrorBardot side table, Scatter cushions in Admiral, Savannah Sunset, ButterscotchPrussian Blue, and Valentin footstool in Jade smart velvet

… in the playroom

The playroom is a space for the kids to enjoy and go wild, and I’ve designed the space to try to reflect this. Having a sofa that was firm enough to withstand jumping around and playtime was important, but we also didn’t want to compromise on style. The Snowdrop button back sofa  was perfect, with a firm design but the added details of the button back that add a bit of fun. Again it’s Smart Velvet, because we knew how easy this was to keep clean. The Paprika shade is wonderful. Fun, playful and although bold, it is so versatile. It currently sits next to a teal painted wall but would work against any neutral wall as a statement piece.

Snowdrop Button Back 3 Seat sofa in Paprika smart velvet, Daltry ceiling lightHolden side table, Scatter cushions in UniformRhubarb and Ash soft woolMarrakesh rug

We’ve loved catching up with Stacey, and finding out exactly how she homes in on happy! For more content, head over to our Instagram page, where Stacey has answered some style and interiors questions!