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Find the one…with Daisy Lowe

Fashion model Daisy Lowe is renowned for her stunning dress sense, vivacious personality, and uplifting body positivity. Featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle and GQ, Daisy is no stranger to style and communicating personality through design. Confident and chic, Daisy’s style sets the precedent for her interior space. This week, Daisy spoke to us about expressing herself through her home décor, her top tip for putting a personal stamp on your interior space and how she found the one.

Sofas and style – finding the one

Taking a seat in a Simone Rocha tweed coat on her Teddy sofa bed in Orchid cotton matt velvet, Daisy’s interior style exquisitely emulates her fashion and individual flair. Perfectly pink and full of character, it’s clear to see that Daisy and her sofa are two peas in a (fabulous) pod.

In making her home a complete reflection of her individual flair and personality, Daisy asserts, “it’s incredibly important to me that my home reflects my personality. My home is 100% me! It feels like I’ve embedded myself in the walls.

My interior style is quirky, tactile, and feminine. I love antiques, anything pink and green…all the velvet possible. It’s important to me to have the interiors very habitable, cosy and easy on the eyes.”

Describing why Teddy is her perfect match for her personal style, Daisy explains, “I chose Teddy because I just adore the shape of it, it’s curves, it’s cushions and the Orchid cotton matt velvet is my favourite colour. It brightens up the room. There is definitely a connection there with my personal style and the way I style my home…feminine, eclectic and a little bit weathered.”

Upholstered in a delicate soft pink, the Teddy sofa bed perfectly encapsulates Daisy’s love of femininity and playful style, while its multifunctionality transforms it into “a space to relax and have a giggle in,” ideal for Daisy’s love of entertaining her loved ones – “it’s where I create so many memories…in my beautiful space.”

Inspired by Daisy’s style? Get the look with the Teddy sofa bed in Orchid cotton matt velvet, Laid Bare Sage print, Scatter cushions in Jade and Orchid, and Teddy footstool in Orchid cotton matt velvet

Daisy’s top tip on finding your perfect match

When it comes to decorating your home to express your individual style, Daisy’s top tip: colour!

“Choosing colours on your walls and furniture is so important, it transcends the energy of the space,” Daisy exclaims. Alongside shape, accessories, and fabric, there is no doubt colour plays an important part when it comes to purchasing a sofa in order to express your individual style. Whether you communicate your nurturing nature through the soothing shades of green, or your playful personality through pops of yellow and orange, choosing the right colour is key when it comes to creating a space that is your own.

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