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At home with… Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman and Sarah Tarleton on pink velvet chaise sofa

Earlier last year, YouTube star and writer Jim Chapman shared the wondrous news that he was expecting his first baby with model fiancée Sarah Tarleton. Since then, Jim has been keeping his 2.1 million Instagram and YouTube followers up to date with the move into his fabulous new home in the hub of Wimbledon and its stunning transformation into a haven for their growing family.

Inviting us inside their beautiful London property, the couple talk renovating, babyproofing, and clever styling since welcoming their little girl in September and share the lessons they’ve learnt when it comes to creating a family friendly home without compromising on their playful personal style.

Jim’s interior style

Home is my sanctuary. It’s a safe space for me and my family, so I want that to be reflected in the style of the house.

I’ve moved house a lot over the past few years and every time I do, I develop my ideas, so although I have a style, it definitely evolves. I try to do justice to the period of the building while also being super practical. That may sound boring, but when everything has a home and everything functions, you end up having a very user-friendly house. I don’t like frill for the sake of it. It just means I spend more time considering the space and what will work where and I like to think it leaves a home that is as much form as it function.

I love to play with colours and textures and the artwork/mirrors I put on the wall. I always want my house to be beautiful, but not at expense of a welcoming atmosphere, so I tend to avoid the ‘white everything’ showroom-esque vibe.

We have a lot of fun when it comes to showing our personality in our interior style. Even down to the door handles and window latches etc. It’s surprisingly easy to make a great space really dull by not taking any risks. In our last house I painted a room lavender. We hated it so I just painted over it again. Nothing is permanent, so take a little risk!

Renovating a space

When it came to renovating the living room, my first thought was to burn it down and start again! We had some pretty horrendous damp and the walls in general were in terrible condition. Of course, we didn’t know that until we started stripping the wallpaper. Sarah was getting more pregnant by the moment and the entire house, not just the living room, ended up being a much bigger project than I had intended. We gutted the room, did restored the floors and replastered the walls and ceiling. After that, it was really just a lick of paint and the furniture.

Creating a family friendly home

Babies come with a lot of stuff, so storage was important. Even our coffee table has a spring-loaded top with a cavern underneath it! I would say that making a house child-safe, or even child-practical, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or sterile.

We put throws on the sofa where we do a lot of Margot’s feeding because it’s much easier to put that in the wash when it’s covered in whatever comes out of her than it is to constantly be wiping down the sofa. Plus, we’ve gone for a real vibrant colour and the throws can break it up a little.

Our Bluebell chaise in Dusty Rose pure cotton matt velvet really pops against the green walls. The design of the sofa was actually a no-brainer for us as we were looking for a corner or L shaped sofa that fit the size of the room, was comfortable but also has quite a ‘luxe’ feel to it. We also knew that it was always going to be velvet for us. It looks super deluxe and adds some beautiful texture when the light bounces off it. Plus, it’s soft and comfy! I think we saw the sofa within the first minute of when we visited the Bankside showroom and immediately loved it – decision made!

We may still have a lot to learn with furniture and what works. Recently, we had our two-year-old niece stay over and I became aware of how low down, and in reach, the coffee table (and a piping hot cup of coffee!!) was for a little person. However, we did deliberately pick darker colours in our living room as they hide all manner of sins whilst still keeping a really cosy feel to the room. 

When it comes to styling a darker room think about what light you do have and how to maximise it for cosiness. We have a big window next to the sofa, but the other end of the room needed a little extra light, so we added a nice lamp and a few mirrors to bounce the light around and make it look more spacious. We also have high ceilings, so it doesn’t ever feel claustrophobic, which is definitely an important consideration.

Get the look

It’s cliché, but when it comes to elevating my everyday I simply try to appreciate the things that are easy to take for granted. I wouldn’t call myself an optimist, but I certainly feel that I value the ‘right’ things. I have wonderful, healthy family, I love what I do for a living and it allows me to provide for my little girl. What more could I ask for?