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Fabulous Fluted Furniture

For those in the know (that includes you now, you early adopter, you!), the allure of fluting is on the up and we are fully on board with this craze for the curves! With a hugely tactile form, we can’t keep our hands of these softly, sculptural shapes.

Champions of the decadent, the bold and the downright plush, fluting always has a place in your house, and so we’re going to show you how to incorporate this timelessly stylish feature where they’ll have the biggest impact with some of our newest pieces this season.

Living room

When used in a large piece of furniture, like a sofa, flutes give that statement drama we long for but in a very liveable and easy-to-style way that doesn’t overpower the space.

They make the perfect addition to your everyday sofa because they have the very practical purpose of being exceptionally comfy. As with our Albie, a new member for our Autumn/Winter ’19 range, the fluting is deeply decadent and sumptuousness which is irresistible at the end of a long day.

The lively and unique shapes of fluting are ideal for experimenting with standout fabrics, especially velvets that draw attention to the curves by casting strong highlights and shadows. Opt for bold, strong colours for an excellent starting point to a statement room like our rose-hued Ruby above, who has made her debut this season.

Keep the accessories minimal in black and gold to match the legs and maintain an overall elegant look.


As your bed is one of the largest pieces in your home it should be something you’re proud to show off. By giving it a fluted design with our Cleo bed, you can create that dreamy, deeply calming setup that makes those few stolen minutes on a Wednesday morning even sweeter (or acts as an extra-cosy backdrop to breakfast in bed).

For a more relaxing space, switch to more muted colours, such as our Lychee Smart Velvet, that will gently send you to sleep.


If you’re not ready to go full force on fluting just yet, they are also the perfect piece to add interest to the corner of a room. Take our Harper armchair and matching footstool, for example – in standout colours they brighten up the space and add another layer of luxury.

Fluting even has that rare, added bonus of being traditional enough to fit in with older styles of rooms (think dark woods, classic shapes and rich upholstery), or go modern with bright tones and metallic touches. It can be tailored to completely fit in with your own personal style.


Have we got you feeling flutey? Discover our New Season Collection to see more.

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