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Get your house ready for extra guests

There’s no hiding from the fact that Christmas is well and truly around the corner. As supermarkets line the shelves with mince pies and, as yet, unlit lights hang above the high street, this is no time to stick your head in the sand.

Sooner than you think the in-laws, distant cousins and friends will all be coming to share in the festive cheer. To get your home merry-ready and help fill your guests with seasonal joy, we’ve brought together our favourite pieces to make your home a holiday hub.

At this time of year, when you’ll be entertaining more than usual, it’s helpful to have versatile pieces, like a sofa bed, that work for their spot in your home.

And our Patrick is certainly doing over time. By day, he’s a delightfully squishy sofa, perfect for your friends to sink into while munching on a mince pie, but by night he transforms into a superbly snug bed (should they get a bit too merry to make it home). You deserve a raise, Patrick!

Arabella Dining Chairs in Prussian Blue, Olive, Chicory and Orchid Cotton Matt Velvet

Unless you’re used to hosting lavish dinner parties throughout the year (in which case, can we come?), chances are you’re going to need some extra dining pieces to accommodate all your loved ones when the holidays come around.

Our Arabella dining chairs work perfectly as their comfy nature is fabulous when you’re lingering around the table (and very supportive when you’ve overloaded your plate!), but when they’re not in use they also make for the ideal occasional chair for anywhere in the house from your bedroom to the living room or hallway.

We don’t always have as much room as we’d like and in order to maximise the amount of guests you can fit on the furniture, rather than the floor, you need to be a bit clever with space-saving solutions. This is where the magic of a loveseat fully comes into its own. Cuddle up and get cosy with the same amount of people as you would with a sofa, all in the space of an armchair.

With our Claude loveseat we’ve even got rid of the arms to make more room for your friends to sit back (or for you to curl up in and relax once everybody’s left).

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