How to: decorate your holiday home

For those who own a holiday home, you’ll know how important it is to finish the property to a high standard. Ensuring it is kitted out with everything you need, as well as providing a setting of complete comfort and relaxation. Holiday letting agency have shared their top tips for decorating your holiday home.

Choosing a theme


The Charlotte armchair in Ian Mankin ticking Iris and Prussian Blue cotton matt velvet, from £700

Whether you’re looking for one theme to run throughout the property or just for one room, the best place to take inspiration is from the outdoors. Take a look at the location of your property, is it a seaside hideaway, a country cottage or a modern apartment? Now take elements from its location for example, a cottage by the sea might follow a nautical theme with blues, creams and greys while a country cottage lends itself to exposed wooden beams and white-washed furniture. If you’re going for a super-modern look, sleek white or black cupboards and minimal décor will help to achieve this.

Minimal vs little touches

Your holiday home is meant to be a tranquil environment so it’s important that you find the balance between having too much in the property and it feeling empty. A few simple pictures on the wall, colourful cushions and small ornaments will help to add character and comfort. Don’t be afraid to leave other items such as books, DVDs and games on empty book shelves or in cupboards. If it’s a small property, try not to crowd it with lots of pieces of furniture to avoid it feeling cramped.

Isla_2016_  Silver Dexter's linen_Lands_01_LR

The Isla sofa in Silver Dexter’s linen, £1710

Do you have all the essentials?

Your property is meant to be a home from home so you want to be sure that it has everything you need, especially in the kitchen. There should be enough sets of cutlery, plates, cups and glasses but also consider electrical essentials such as kettle and microwave. You can tailor these to suit the style of your property too. A shabby-chic style property might display crockery in a cabinet while a modern property will keep everything out of sight. To make your cottage as comfortable as possible, make sure you leave certain items such as tea towels, cloths, handwash, washing up liquid and toilet roll so that they have everything they need on arrival.

Complete relaxation

As a holiday home, relaxation comes to mind instantly and therefore the living room is key. After a long journey or a day of exploring you’ll want somewhere you can sit back and relax, so the living room should be cosy and inviting. This can be achieved with a careful choice of sofa, cushions and throws but also, a woodburner will always add to the appeal.


The Alderney armchair in Loch brushed linen cotton, £620

For more tips and advice for decorating your holiday home. Visit home owner’s advice centre.


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