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Decluttering and maximising space

If, like many of us, you’ve decided that now is the perfect time to completely declutter your home and create an organised and laid back space to live in, we’ve put together a few decluttering tips that may just help you to see it through!

Why declutter your home?

With a clear home comes a clear mind. Decluttering can have a really positive effect on your mental health and everyday life, so an organised, tidy environment is especially important now we’re all spending so much more time in our homes – declutter your life by decluttering your home!

Once you’ve freed your surfaces from those trinkets you forgot even existed, you’ll be able to do exactly what you want when you want, without having to move everything out of the way. It’ll also help to reduce stress, because you won’t be surrounded by distracting piles of clutter –  meaning you can sit down with a cup of tea and a book, or cuddle up for a film night without any distractions.

As the cost of renting and buying homes has increased over recent years, we’re finding that space has become a premium and small space style is becoming a key focus. By decluttering your home, you may well find that you have much more usable space than you realised!

How to declutter your home

The idea of a complete overhaul can be overwhelming, so it’s important to create a plan before jumping in at the deep end. Deciding on the best process for you is crucial, so make sure you know where to start decluttering before sorting through piles of belongings and creating an even bigger mess than you started with!

One of the best ways of working through the home is focusing on a single room at a time, and starting by going through all the items in the room – decide whether to keep, donate, recycle or throw away each item. If an item hasn’t been used or looked at for months, do you really need it?

Once you’ve decided on the items you’re keeping, each of these items needs a home. If you can’t find a home for it, it needs to go! This is where clever home storage and furniture choices come into play – they can be incredibly useful for home organisation and decluttering!

Storage solutions to help declutter your home

Although we would all love to have a home as clear from clutter as Marie Kondo and the picture perfect interiors we see on Instagram, it’s not always feasible. From children’s toys in the living room, to your winter wardrobe now crammed at the back of your drawers, there are some things that you just can’t part with.

Sofas with storage

Aissa medium left hand storage chaise in Blickling Norfolk cotton

Sofas tend to be the focal point in the living room and often take up the most space, which can make your home feel smaller and more cluttered. A multipurpose sofa, such as our Aissa storage chaise sofa with storage beneath the seat, is the perfect way to reduce clutter and maximise usable space in the room. Store those board games, magazines and children’s toys under the sofa seat and there will no longer be the need for a storage unit that takes up floor space – ultimately making the room feel bigger and brighter. 

Sofa beds

Teddy 2.5 Seat Sofa Bed in Rhubarb smart cotton

Guest rooms tend to get used a few times a year to accommodate visiting family and friends, but for most of the year they can end up wasted space, collecting dust and inevitably becoming a dumping ground for those things that you haven’t found a home for yet. The bed tends to take up most of the room, leaving little space for anything else.

Why not turn your guest room into a playroom or home office and swap the bed for a sofa bed? This versatile feature helps create much more space in the room, whilst still providing sleeping solutions when you have visitors – and believe us, they are much more comfy than the dreaded air mattress! 

Our sofa beds have been designed for style as well as comfort, and our Teddy sofa bed is a prime example. One of our most comfortable, deep seated sofas, Teddy turns into a bed when required in a matter of seconds – giving your guests the glorious night’s sleep they deserve.

Loveseat sofa beds

Isla loveseat sofa bed in Jade smart velvet

If your spare room isn’t large enough for a 2 seat sofa that turns into a bed, a loveseat sofa bed could be a great option. Available in our Bluebell and Isla ranges, the loveseat sofa bed can provide you with the perfect seat for 2 in the office or playroom, which then transforms into a single sofa bed – perfect for an overnight guest.

Bed in a box

Henry bed in a box in Oxford Blue brushed linen cotton

If you’re unsure whether you’d benefit from having a sofa in your guest room, or a sofa bed is still a little too large, we’ve got an ingenious solution to minimise the amount of used space, yet provide occasional sleeping arrangements – our Henry bed in a box. Incredibly compact, the bed in a box folds away into a small box that works well as extra seating when folded up, but extends out into a bed complete with a headboard for that perfect finishing touch. The bed in a box can be kept in the lounge, or tucked away in a bedroom until required for those weekend sleepovers or family gatherings. 

Storage beds

Avery Ottoman double bed in Deep Turquoise Cotton Matt Velvet

One of the hardest rooms to declutter is the bedroom. If there isn’t enough room in your wardrobe for a year’s worth of clothing, why not consider an Ottoman bed? The surface of the bed lifts up, creating a vast storage space beneath the bed where summer clothes, clean bed linen and other necessities can be stored out of sight.

Alternatively, a divan bed is a great option for maximising storage space. On either side of the bed frame, 2 drawers slide outwards to provide extra storage space, but close flush to the frame, meaning the drawers are hidden from view.

To ensure you aren’t compromising on style, we’ve ensured that there are a number of beds in our range that our available as a bed on legs, as an ottoman bed or with the divan base – Choose from our Avery, Thea and Rosalie designs to create the perfect bed, complete with hidden storage too.

Storage footstools and storage benches

Valentin medium rectangular storage footstool in Butterscotch cotton matt velvet

Another clever option for almost any room in the house is a storage footstool or storage bench. As well as acting as extra seating when you have visitors, or a footstool to rest your feet on in the evenings, storage benches can also be used to contain a multitude of objects! Perfect for putting toys away in the playroom, keeping shoes, coats, scarfs and bags out of sight in the hallways, or storing those extra blankets ready for winter, they are the perfect storage solution to help keep your home decluttered this year. A storage bench can also add the finishing touch to your bedroom to store bed linen, shoes, seasonal clothes and more.

For more small space style and decluttering inspiration, take a look at our Small Space Style board on Pinterest.

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